The Saddest Email: Paul Reiser Wants More Mad About You on DVD

Sam Biddle · 12/09/14 11:55AM

Almost everything about this ever-expanding Sony security meltdown is humiliating for Sony. But buried in the latest hacker release is one of the most depressing emails you'll ever read, from a man wondering why more people can't buy his 90s sitcom.

The 10 Kinds of Television Cameos

Mike Byhoff · 03/22/10 11:45AM

The cameo is one of television's oldest tricks to drum-up interest for a show. But not all cameos are created equal. Inside, a list of the kinds of cameos, why they exist, and just how effective they are.

'Observer' Shock: Some Mormons Pretty Much Normal

Pareene · 01/09/08 01:41PM

There are Mormons in Manhattan! More than ever before, in fact! And they all make great workers because they're never hungover or pregnant, until they get married, at which point they are always pregnant. One of these Mormons, quoted in today's Observer expose by Doree Shafrir, is, in fact, popular Gawker Commenter Greg. Greg calls some of his fellow Mormon New Yorkers "a little Pollyannaish and a little OCD" and says that while the LDSers avoided Manhattan for many years, things changed "with Friends and Mad About You, all those happy New York TV shows that ruined New York by making it safe for everyone." Ha, we like a Mormon. Also Mormons are surely the only group of people in America who remember—let alone found inspiration from—Mad About You. [NYO]