Hackers Post Faked Report of Steve Jobs's Death

Owen Thomas · 01/06/09 01:15PM

MacRumors, one of the many sites which cover Apple's annual Macworld product launches, has had its live coverage infiltrated, with someone adding the false news of Steve Jobs's death to the blow-by-blow reports.

Steve Jobs Confesses: Too Sick to Work

Owen Thomas · 01/05/09 10:23AM

If you just look at how thin he is, you'd know it. But now Steve Jobs himself has admitted that his declining health is keeping him from taking the Macworld stage tomorrow.

Downtown San Francisco no longer capable of supporting three Starbucks per intersection

Melissa Gira Grant · 07/18/08 06:20PM

Next year's Macworld may be the last chance to make a shamefaced Starbucks run to the mall-kiosk latte dispenser in the Metreon. Why did the Seattle coffee monoculturist give six months' notice of that coffee-bar's closure, and 599 others? Why, to retrain loyalists on other locations within footsteps. We already know that you drink only at establishments where the coffee pickers are unionized, graduate-degreed, and constantly hugged. And so do we. But here's our map of the remaining South of Market Starbucks — and all the Blue Bottle locations — anyway. Only to show to your sleep-addled board members when they visit for a meeting.

When did Steve start showing vaporware?

Paul Boutin · 01/10/07 10:03AM

PAUL BOUTIN — True story in my inbox: "I just went into the Apple store in Soho to buy the Apple TV device. Asked the shop assistant. Clearly not the first. February, he answered, tersely." Hey pal, didn't you pay attention? None of the gadgets unveiled today — the iPhone, Apple TV, the new Airport Extreme with 802.11n — will hit the stores for at least a month. Whatever happened to "and it's available TODAY?"

Macworld launch: 16 to 9 says it's HDTV

Paul Boutin · 01/06/07 10:52PM

PAUL BOUTIN — Hold the phone. Take a closer look at the image that took over Apple's front door this week. It's 744 pixels wide and 420 high. Recognize that ratio? Those are the 16:9 dimensions of an HDTV screen, not the 4:3 of iTunes video downloads. Apple's teaser does recall the Monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey, whose only readable information was the perfect 1 to 4 to 9 ratio of its sides.

Is that a phone in his pocket? No, something bigger

Paul Boutin · 01/05/07 09:00AM

PAUL BOUTIN — Apple fans are already circling the San Francisco site where Steve Jobs will kick off Macworld with one of his legendary live performances Tuesday morning. Part of the appeal is His Steveness' awesome stage presence, which rivals Van Halen circa 1979. But there's another component to a Jobs show: Gadgets. Surprise new Apple gadgets. In the past, he's hauled out reshaped Macs and impossibly small iPods. This time, Steve's expected to reach into his jeans and pull out the long-rumored iPod phone. Do you really think he'll do what you expect? For the lowdown on Tuesday's surprise, and the story of how Microsoft failed to steal Steve's groove, read on.

Macworld's WWDC video

Nick Douglas · 08/08/06 07:03PM

Macworld Magazine whipped together a collection of videos from yesterday's keynote at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Cyrus Farivar hosts, diplomatically stuttering just to make Steve Jobs look slicker by comparison.