Hit piece costs Canadian mag $1,000 copyright fee

Paul Boutin · 08/05/08 02:40PM

Canada's reputation as the best blue state ever got dinged this week. Canadian copyright law required MacLean's magazine to pay a $1,000 (U.S.) invoice from Valleywag commentress Rachel Marsden after the mag printed this copyrighted photo of Marsden and Bill O'Reilly downloaded from the Internet. Marsden says MacLean's tried to settle for a smaller check, but paid the thousand bucks rather than let the issue become a legal spat. There's an important takeaway here, and I think it's: Drinks are on Rachel.

Plucky Canucks Claim 'Time' Ripped Them Off

balk · 04/04/07 09:30AM

Don't anger our neighbors to the north! That's the lesson from this week's accusation by Maclean's, long known as the Canadian Time. In an unusually angry editor's note—particularly harsh when you consider that it comes from Canadians, who are best known for their comical accents and decaffeinated American ways—the folks from the cold country suggest that Time magazine has ripped off their redesign, noting that both mags feature cover boxes, Monday pub dates, and right-wing hack columnists. (Maclean's takes particular pride in its "witty and provocative covers." The current issue features a secondary character from an animated sitcom that first aired eighteen years ago; we suppose that's what passes for edgy in Thunder Bay.)