What to Do During Television's Off-Season

Brian Moylan · 05/24/10 03:21PM

Lost is (ugh) over. So is Gossip Girl. American Idol comes to an end this week. And Glee wraps up next week. There is now nothing to watch! What the hell are we supposed with all this free time?

MacGruber Is One Bomb That Can't Be Defused

Richard Lawson · 05/24/10 10:09AM

This weekend saw disappointing figures for two new movies, meaning that fourquels and movies based on 60-second SNL skits might have a hard time getting made for the next... oh, year or so. After that, we're good to go again.

Will Forte Sings the MacGruber Theme Song

Whitney Jefferson · 05/21/10 11:51AM

"This isn't your father's SNL movie," advises Forte while his Mother watches in Jimmy Fallon's audience. He continues, "It's an R-Rated movie... a hard R" and then treats us to a rapid-fire swearing storm. I laughed my entire way through.

Will Forte Enlightens Us About MacGruber's Raunchy Sex Scenes

Whitney Jefferson · 05/12/10 12:17PM

What's worse than filming a sex scene with nothing covering your parts but a piece of celery? Discovering midway through filming that your mother's come to visit the set that day. This story, plus a vintage Late Show clip inside.

Kristen Wiig Spills About the MacGruber Movie

Whitney Jefferson · 05/11/10 12:16PM

We hope you're all as excited for this movie as we are. Kristen Wiig was kind enough to shed insight into the filming process and her sex scene with Grubes himself. Bonus: one-second trailers created by Jorma Taccone.

The MacGruber Trailer Looks Great, Full Movie Will MacSucker

Mike Byhoff · 01/19/10 01:32PM

Following hot on the heels of explosive blockbusters The Lady's Man and Superstar, SNL takes another stab at it with the sketch-to-movie adaptation of MacGruber. One thing is for sure: the trailer will be the best thing about this movie.

The MacGruber Trailer Shockingly Doesn't Suck

Brian Moylan · 01/19/10 01:08PM

The Saturday-Night-Live-skit-to-movie transition is a dicey proposition, but a MacGruber movie seemed an especially horrible idea. Then we actually laughed at the trailer! Fashioning three minutes of funny from two hours of unfunny isn't that hard, so we're not fully sold.