New Microsoft Guy: Johnny Knoxville?

Hamilton Nolan · 03/21/08 11:57AM

Now this would be an interesting potential genius move/ mistake: According to an unverifiable leak to Gawker-approved blogger Cajun Boy In The City, Microsoft might be thinking about Johnny Knoxville as its cool new answer to Mac's young annoying hipster spokesman, Justin Long. You'll recall that Microsoft recently hired a new, more with-it ad agency in a bid to stop getting humiliated in 30-second spots. Is this what they came up with? We've emailed the company for comment [UPDATE: Microsoft's PR firm emails us: "Microsoft is planning a consumer advertising campaign with Crispin Porter & Bogusky. We have no other details to share at this time." Thanks!]. After the jump, the entire email [via Cajun Boy] from someone who purportedly attended a Microsoft focus group and saw it all firsthand.

Hipster Thief Of Williamsburg Wants Only Apple Products

Ryan Tate · 02/25/08 10:15PM

"True story. My apartment in 'prime Williamsburg' was broken into. The thieves searched out my [Apple] iPod and [Mac] PowerBook, but the didn't touch my roommate's Dell that was sitting out in plain sight on our kitchen table. PS: A kitchen table - suck it Manhattan." [via email] (Photo: Everystockphoto)

Apple .Mac clearly taunting us at this point

Paul Boutin · 12/17/07 04:35PM

"It is possible that the application does not exist." Well, granted, if you took enough math and philosophy classes, that statement is 100 percent correct.

Apple .Mac = FAIL

Paul Boutin · 12/17/07 03:47PM

If you hurry, you can catch the outage at Apple's .Mac service. It started this morning with me not being able to send mail, then unable to check mail, and it's now a full-on "" interruption page. If this were Windows Live, it'd be all over Digg by now.

Radar Jumps the Gun on Annoying Mac Ad Guy

Doree Shafrir · 11/14/06 02:25PM

Last week, Radar ran an EXCLUSIVE! about the ditching of Mac guy Justin Long from those Mac vs. PC ads. The spin, according to Radar EXCLUSIVE!-maker-in-residence Jeff Bercovici, was that Long had been canned because he'd come off as more annoying than the PC guy, played by Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman. No one would talk on the record about what future ads would bring.