Welcome Back to the 2006 Economy

Hamilton Nolan · 02/15/13 01:20PM

If you are a grown adult with a 401K and adult financial things of that nature, you may remember 2006 as "the year when the economy was booming, before I had to move into the box." M&A deals were everywhere! Companies were being bought and sold left and right! Bankers and consultants and assorted other finance industry hangers-on were getting rich! And so was everyone else, until it all came crashing down in a massive global disaster just a short time later.

Duane Reade Sells Out

Hamilton Nolan · 02/17/10 09:18AM

The slow death of Genuine New York continues apace: Ubiquitous NYC drug store Duane Reade, with over 1 million locations in your neighborhood alone, is being bought by boring corporate drug store Walgreen. Man. Remember when purchasing gum was real?

Nigerian Businessman Has Urgent Offer For Mr. Madoff

Hamilton Nolan · 05/21/09 10:20AM

Hello friend, my name is Ade Ogunjobi. I received your contact information in good faith from our mutual friend, Mr. Bernie Madoff, and my corporation, Toks Inc, is prepared to offer the sum of $100 trillion ($100,000,000,000,000) for Mr. Madoff's business. Please respond quickly.