Coco Gets Ready to Depart; Gaga Gets Bruised

cityfile · 01/22/10 08:20AM

Conan O'Brien's final Tonight Show airs tonight. Then he'll head off to count the enormous pile of cash that NBC just gave him while he waits until September 1, which is when he'll first be permitted to host another talk show as part of the deal he signed with the network. As for NBC, it will air reruns of The Tonight Show until the Olympics start, with Jay Leno officially returning to his (very tarnished) throne on March 1. [TMZ, THR, WSJ]
• It looks like things are going from bad to worse for Mischa Barton. Her landlord has filed a lawsuit against her for failing to pay three months of rent on her $7,000-a-month Tribeca apartment before moving out of the place late last year. [NYDN, P6]
• Lady Gaga looked pretty banged up when she appeared outside her "Monster Ball" show last night to sign autographs. She she had bizarre cuts and bruises all over her arms and legs. And those mustard-colored extensions she's been wearing as of late aren't helping matters. [The Sun, 3am]

Mischa's Latest Mess; John Edwards Fesses Up

cityfile · 01/21/10 08:21AM

• Mischa Barton didn't do so hot while filming scenes for Law & Order: SVU earlier this week. She reportedly forgot her lines repeatedly and some people suspect it's because the troubled actress has been partying a bit too hard recently. Then again, after playing a strung-out hooker on L&O, her career has nowhere to go but up, right? [NYDN]
• Publishing heiress Lydia Hearst has posed for Playboy and had a guest appearance on Gossip Girl. What's next? She's leaving NYC for Los Angeles to launch an acting career, naturally. Unfortunately, she's taking her boyfriend, spiky-haired pop rocker Ryan Cabrera, along for the ride, so she may not be getting off to the best start. [P6]
• Speaking of people who have built a career based on their willingness to take off their clothes, remember Amy Fisher? She'll be getting naked at a restaurant on Long Island this week and is setting aside a portion of the proceeds to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Your turn, Buttafuoco. [P6]
• John Edwards has finally come clean and admitted that he's the father of Rielle Hunter's two-year-old daughter. Better late than never? [People]

LiLo's Hit-and-Run; Another Headache for Beyonce

cityfile · 01/11/10 07:44AM

• A photographer says he plans to file a lawsuit against Lindsay Lohan after her driver "nearly killed" him in a hit-and-run accident on Sunday. The paparazzo says he's "lucky to be alive" and now plans to make sure Lindsay "goes to jail" for her crimes despite the fact LiLo wasn't even the one driving, and the photographer only injured his wrist and never even had to go to the hospital. [TMZ, NYP]
• Have Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly set a date? According to the Post, which conducted an undercover investigation last week, the couple are planning to get married in November at the Oheka Castle on Long Island, which is where Kevin Jonas got married recently. [NYP]
• Another Beyoncé concert is stirring up controversy. Less than two weeks after she got into trouble for performing for Hannibal Khadafy comes the news that residents of Trinidad are up in arms over a $1 million Beyoncé concert planned for February 18. Locals claim it will divert from the country's annual Carnival celebration. [Sun]

Pose Posse

Brian Moylan · 11/18/09 11:31AM

[Lydia Hearst shows a bunch of immovable dolls how this modeling thing is done at the MoMA's Second Annual Film Benefit honoring Tim Burton last night. Image via Getty]

This Video Contains Every Awesome Illusion of New York

Brian Moylan · 11/16/09 05:06PM

When the young dreamers out there conjure images of Manhattan they think of beauty, art, fashion, socialites, the skyline, and all-around general fabulousness. Well, most New Yorkers don't get that on a daily basis, but this video has them all.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/18/09 06:36AM

James Gandolfini turns 48 today. Lance Armstrong is turning 38. Jada Pinkett Smith is 38 today, too. Designer Karim Rashid is 49. Comic actor Fred Willard is turning 70. Actor James Marsden is 36. The Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo is turning 33. The rapper Xzibit is turning 35. Senator Bob Bennett of Utah is 75. Actress and former Talk Soup host Aisha Tyler is 39. Singer Frankie Avalon is turning 69. Actress Holly Robinson Peete is 45 today. And Robert Blake, the former Baretta star who was acquitted of murder in 2005, turns 76 today. You'll find weekend birthdays listed below.

Lydia Hearst Leans Right

cityfile · 07/23/09 12:33PM

Why did Lydia Hearst decide to get down and dirty in the music video for Miles Fisher's cover of the Talking Heads song "This Must Be the Place"? "Miles is a good friend so I was willing to be a part of it," she tells the Observer. In real life, I am very conservative." Just as you suspected! [NYO]

Lydia Hearst Murdered By Wall Street Jerk

Richard Lawson · 07/21/09 01:46PM

Ohh look! Here's a really fun poppy cover of the Talking Heads' This Must Be the Place, by Miles Fisher. The video is an American Psycho homage. The "best" part? Heiress/area dope Lydia Hearst is in it, having sexy threesomes!!

Lydia Hearst Can't Help Herself

cityfile · 07/21/09 12:37PM

In The Last International Playboy, an indie film that came out last month, Lydia Hearst can be seen in getting it on with a guy and a girl in the opening scene. But because that was last month and this is this month, she's back with new footage of her engaging in a threesome. This time it's an American Psycho-inspired music video for Miles Fisher's cover of the Talking Heads song, "This Must Be The Place." (Huh?) But we can't help but be a little disappointed. After all, we were just beginning to take her seriously. [YouTube via Gawker]

Lydia Hearst: So Much Smarter Than You Imagined

cityfile · 07/06/09 08:14AM

You probably thought Lydia Hearst spent her days and nights flitting from party to party and posing nude for European magazines, didn't you? Well, it turns out the oft-nude publishing heiress is pretty up to speed on economic matters as well. Hearst, who appears on the cover of the new issue of Social Life magazine, gave the mag a surprisingly sophisticated answer when she asked what if there was anything in the news that has "piqued" her interest as of late:

The Friday Party Report

cityfile · 06/19/09 03:55PM

More than 1,200 people descended on Skylight Studios on Wednesday night for the Whitney's annual Art Party. Sponsored by BCBG Max Azria, the designer (left, with co-host Camilla Belle) and wife Lubov welcomed the likes of Lake Bell, Lydia Hearst, Gretchen Mol, Hilary Rhoda, Calvin Klein, Jason Wu, Tinsley Mortimer, Genevieve Jones, Fabiola Beracasa, Ali Larter, Lindsay Price, Stacey Bendet, Olivia Palermo, Meredith Melling Burke, Alexis Bryan Morgan, Ivanka Trump, Byrdie Bell, Bradley Cooper, Alexis Bledel, Selita Ebanks, Hana Soukupova, Claire Bernard, Amber Tamblyn, Adam Lippes, Alexandra Richards, Anne Slowey, Lydia Fenet, Roopal Patel, Gilles Mendel, Lela Rose, Brooklyn Decker, Zani Gugelmann, Allison Aston, Esteban Cortazar, Jessica Joffee, at least two members of the Willis clan (Tallulah and Scout), and the man who runs the show at Whitney, Adam Weinberg. [PMc, Wireimage, FWD, WWD, VF,, ArtInfo]

Lydia Hearst Denied

cityfile · 06/04/09 03:27PM

Have you seen those bus posters featuring a scantily clad Lydia Hearst? The ads are promoting an indie movie called The Last International Playboy and while the stick-thin socialite only has a minor role in the movie—she strips and gets hot and heavy with a guy and a girl in the opening scene—she's front and center in the press campaign, not surprisingly. Tragically, though, the oft-nude publishing heiress reports she's been the victim of censorship! Although the ads appear on NYC buses, they've been banned in Seattle, Chicago and Dallas, she says. Guess we have a different tolerance level when it comes to these things! [NYO]

Rihanna Rumors, Karl in Russia, Disappearing Signage

cityfile · 06/01/09 07:36PM

• Rihanna seemed to have a lock on an upcoming Vogue cover. But that was before nude pics of her appeared online and now Anna Wintour won't return her phone calls. At least that's the rumor that is now circulating with the tabloids. [The Insider]
• Pics of the fashion set at Saturday's polo match on Governors Island. [WWD, Vogue UK, Marie Claire]
• Karl Lagerfeld headed to Moscow last week. He wasn't impressed by the food or the men, although he did find Naomi Campbell's beau "quite stunning." [Cut]
• Bid farewell to the giant DKNY billboard on Broadway and Houston. [Racked]