Lunchtime Poll: Summer Clothes vs. Winter Clothes. WHO YA GOT?

Drew Magary · 09/11/12 01:25PM

I walked outside the other morning and, for the first time in eons, the temperature was below 60 degrees. And I was so excited for the cool air that I pulled my shirt away from my body and let it waft up my torso. "Here, nipples! Taste the refreshment!" Then I immediately ran into the house to announce the conditions to the rest of my family. "It's kinda cool out there! We may need pants!" Pant weather is quickly approaching and now is the time to think about which is the most enjoyable wardrobe for you, the average American man/woman/manwoman.

Lunchtime Poll: Is Project Runway Still Relevant?

Rich Juzwiak · 07/20/12 01:15PM

Last night, Project Runway returned for its 10th round. "We've had more seasons than I Love Lucy!" gushed Michael Kors, which I guess is a thing to be proud of?

Lunchtime Poll: Did the Season Premiere of Breaking Bad Satisfy?

Rich Juzwiak · 07/16/12 11:45AM

Last night's Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad was mostly low-key, aside from the caper above, in which Walter and Jesse attempt to wipe out a laptop's hard drive with magnets from outside of where it's being held as evidence. ("Yeah, bitch! Magnets! Oh!")

Lunchtime Poll: Big Ang, Yay or Nay?

Rich Juzwiak · 07/09/12 11:20AM

Last night, VH1 premiered its Mob Wives spin-off Big Ang. For the uninitiated, the titular star's real name is Angela Raiola and she is basically what would have happened if Russ Meyer had a laboratory that allowed him to build actual women and one of them went severely awry. I think she is the campiest personality mainstream U.S. pop culture has experienced since Madame. Her affect amounts to that of Emory from The Boys in the Band with his brain scooped out and replaced with Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs. During the premiere, Ang repeatedly told us how much everyone loves her. It's in her theme song, even. She is at this point an overgrown child who's been told that she's been cute several thousand times too many.

Lunchtime Poll: What Drug Is Madonna On and Can We Not Have Any?

Rich Juzwiak · 07/05/12 11:00AM

That's Madonna performing "Like a Virgin" last week during an MDNA Tour stop in Berlin with tears streaming down her face. Why are tears streaming down her face? I don't know. She'd performed this song live for audience in this ballad style almost a dozen times at this point, and it doesn't seem that the song grabbed her like it did during this performance. (In other words, this doesn't seem to be a cry-every-night-at-the-same-exact-part Janet Jackson "Again" scenario.)

Lunchtime Poll: Is Seth MacFarlane Funny?

Rich Juzwiak · 07/02/12 12:00PM

Seth MacFarlane is a comedy god. He has three successful shows on Fox. His film directorial debut, Ted, scooped up $54.1 million this weekend, the third biggest opening for an R-rated movie of all time. The film has been well-reviewed by critics (a healthy 69% Tomatometer reading) and audiences (A- on CinemaScore). The little teddy bear that fucks women with vegetables, smokes pot and says racist things has warmed its way into America's heart. It's a triumph of the talking-animal movie spirit.