My young, white, and nerdy boys, let me show you them

Melissa Gira Grant · 04/25/08 04:40PM

CAMBRIDGE, MA — There's still hope, future. A full half of the people behind ROFLcon, the world's largest concentration of Internet-inspired pop-culture trends in one room, are female. Or, as they might put it, IRL LULZ 50% XX! As it's now officially impossible to host a tech-related conference without asking, Where are the women?, a "commenter" posed this to the morning's first all-guy panel. "Girls just have better things to do," answered Kyle "Paperclip to House Guy" MacDonald. Other possible explanations?

Emily Gould · 09/25/07 01:53PM

Lolsecretz, that unholy combination of the postcard anony-whines at PostSecret and the humorously misspelled cat pictures of I Can Has Cheezburger, is still going strong. Do you think maybe in the future after the tired old English language finally breathes its last gasp we will all be speaking in lulz aka lols aka kitteh? I can hopez so!!!!1!!