Celebukid Reporters and the Age of News-ertainment

Hamilton Nolan · 11/14/11 10:05AM

So, Chelsea Clinton is joining NBC "News" to "report" on "Making a Difference." We'll pause here as you get out all of the obvious jokes. (Pause.) Great. Now, let's take a moment to contemplate just how vapid our nation's most powerful "news" networks really are.

Luke Russert Strongly Denies Water Is Wet

Hamilton Nolan · 12/07/10 02:22PM

In your undeserved Tuesday media column: Luke Russert speaks unconvincingly, sports columnists issue predictions unwisely, NYT ad revenue descends gently, and a PR guy threatens a journalist. Jokingly!

Luke Russert Disproving Those Nepotism Charges One Story at a Time

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/10 02:16PM

In your blizzardy Wednesday media column: Luke Russert does it the Luke Russert way, the NYT has no iPad comment, a new journalism moneymaking scheme, and David Remnick acts so haughty you'd think he runs America's best magazine or something.

Seymour and Brant Face Off

cityfile · 05/11/09 06:27AM

Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant will meet in Greenwich divorce court for the first time today. Expect some fireworks: Brant has already filed a motion demanding Seymour "undergo drug and alcohol testing"; for her part, Seymour is accusing Brant of "hostile, threatening and intimidating behavior." [NYP]
• Now that he's split from his wife, Sean Penn is supposedly dating Natalie Portman (again), since she "stimulates him in ways no other person has." [Star]
• Rumor has it Madonna and Jesus Luz are planning some sort of commitment ceremony at the Kabbalah Center sometime soon. [NYDN]
• Luke Russert was either the "It" boy at the White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday night, or has been a major disappointment for MSNBC, depending on who you talk to. [NYDN, P6]
• Speaking of nepotism, Meghan McCain reportedly "lost it" and acted like an "insolent child" when a guard told her she couldn't bring two friends into the Correspondents dinner on Saturday. [NYDN]

'Post-Radio, Post-TV' 'Big Boy' Luke Russert Is Ready To Accept Your Potshots

Richard Lawson · 10/29/08 01:22PM

Luke Russert, son of the late Meet the Press moderator Tim, is now working as a correspondent for NBC News, attending political conventions and reporting and stuff. So, I guess, he's sorta famous now. Really, though, he's been in the public eye for like three years. And we helped put him there by posting his 'babes in a jacuzzi' Facebook profile picture. Haha, oops! Well he recently was interviewed by MediaBistro, and, when asked, had this to say of Gawker and the hottubbery:

Luke Russert's Blog Will Piss You Off

Jasper Reardon · 09/14/08 05:15PM

We all know Luke Russert is the house wunderkind at NBC news, presumably brought in to engage the youth audience during this historic election. As a youthful guy, Russert naturally blogs. And guess what. He's annoyingly free of self-awareness. A sample:

Keith Olbermann and Luke Russert: Scared, Spoiled

cityfile · 08/29/08 05:49AM
  • The war between News Corp. and NBC rages on. Today Page Six reports that Keith Olbermann is so concerned about being "assassinated," he's refusing to cover the Republican National Convention unless MSNBC springs for a more secure location. They also claim none of Luke Russert's new colleagues at NBC News like him, especially since he got to ride around the convention in golf carts while they had to walk. [P6, P6]

Bitchy NBC Newsers Now Jealous Of Luke Russert

Ryan Tate · 08/29/08 05:42AM
  • Luke Russert golf-carted around the Democratic convention like some kind of boy king while his bitter coworkers had to hoof it. Obviously this rumor is made up, because everyone knows NBC correspondents air their bitter grievances only on camera. [P6]

Political Séance

Ryan Tate · 08/25/08 07:46PM

"NBC News’ strategy in hiring young Luke Russert is now clear: whenever anything happens, Brian Williams can ask Luke what his dead father thinks about it." [Wonkette]

Luke Russert, Sportswriter

Pareene · 08/18/08 11:27AM

In the most recent issue of ESPN: The Magazine, 15-year sports journalism veteran Stephen A. Smith responds to the torrent of hate mail he received following his inaugural column for the magazine. The basic thrust of the criticisms is that Smith is an angry black man who doesn't understand any sport besides basketball. Smith defends the work he put in to earn his byline: "See, contrary to popular belief, ESPN didn't hand me the privilege of working here overnight. That opportunity arrived after years of blood, sweat and tears. A lot of people choose to ignore this. Fine! Especially now that I've got the last word. Or the last word of the first round, anyway." His column is immediately followed in the magazine by a story on the Buffalo Bills authored by a young up-and-comer named Luke Russert. Sigh.