What's Going On at Lucky Magazine?

Allie Jones · 08/11/14 04:17PM

Lucky, the Conde Nast magazine "about shopping," looks like it's turning into a straight-up catalog. In a slightly convoluted press release today, Conde announced that it's spinning off the mag into The Lucky Group, "a wholly independent entity, which brings together Lucky and e-commerce platform, BeachMint." So, a shopping site. But what will happen to the print mag?

Let's Make Brian Geraghty a Star

Richard Lawson · 09/26/11 04:45PM

It's time to make this mostly unheralded actor a bigger name, and now he has his chance. Also today: We've found your favorite movie, Matthew Morrison gets serious, and some curious Lake Bell news.

Accused Condé Elevator Tweeter: 'I Am Not @CondeElevator'

Maureen O'Connor · 08/12/11 11:30AM

Lucky editor and accused Twitter parody mastermind John Jannuzzi has issued an official statement on the matter of an anonymous Twitter account dedicated to eavesdropping on people at Condé Nast: "I am not @CondeElevator." Then why did you accompany your statement with a picture of Richard Nixon, a known liar who once had a fake Twitter called @MarkFeltIsAShitNozzle, hmmm? [Lucky, Images via @JohnJannuzzi and Lucky]

Accused Condé Elevator Tweeter: 'This Is Fucking Ridiculous'

Maureen O'Connor · 08/11/11 02:46PM

Lucky editor and popular Tumblr-er John Jannuzzi is having a bad day. In the last 24 hours, The Daily Beast and separately reported that he is the mystery eavesdropper behind @CondeElevator. Jannuzzi declined to comment on the record when we asked him about the rumors yesterday and today, but 30 minutes ago he said this on Twitter: "This is fucking ridiculous." [TDB, SF, image via @JohnJannuzzi]

A Day of Reckoning at Conde Nast

Hamilton Nolan · 10/19/09 03:13PM

We hear Wired had its own round of editorial layoffs today. What's going on at Conde Nast? A very bad Monday. In a very bad month. Let's review:

Marc Jacobs Employee Finds Controversy on 'Lucky' and 'Domino'

noelle_hancock · 04/07/08 05:22PM

Everyone say "Hi Ginny!" We have a feeling we might be seeing this one again. Her name is Ginny Branch. She is profiled in this month's issue of Lucky magazine. The 24-year-old reveals that she prefers to wear clothes from the Marc Jacobs children clothing line because they better fit her petite body (an admission that's sure to earn her some friends among the female population). The problem is, while she was plugging MJ, Lucky neglected to mention that she actually works in the designer's store on Bank and West 4th. Instead, they listed her job solely as "fashion illustrator." Whoops! So much for full disclosure.

Conrad Black Even Swears Like Nixon

abalk2 · 05/21/07 09:20AM
  • In an interview with the Guardian, Conrad Black calls his fraud trial "bullshit" and announces that he's at war with the U.S. government. The paper also has an excerpt from Black's forthcoming biography of Richard Nixon, which praises the former president's "surpassing dignity." Read into that what you will. [Guardian]

Hotels: The New Magazines

Chris Mohney · 11/07/06 08:50AM

Chip Conley of boutique hotelier Joie de Vivre likes to use specific magazines as inspirations for his hotels. After he's picked a magazine, he and his staff then come up with five adjectives that describe the mag, and by extension the hotel concept. For example, the buzzwords associated with a hotel ostensibly inspired by National Geographic Traveler were "enchanting, international, cheerful, bohemian, eclectic." Another is equal parts Giant Robot and Lucky: "inventive, warm, optimistic, practical, quirky." Yet another property takes Wired as its muse, though your guess is as good as ours as to their keywords. Saddest of all, though, is San Francisco's Phoenix Hotel:

'Lucky' and 'New York' Remind You to Spend Your Money

Jessica · 10/04/06 11:50AM

At a New York magazine's first Best Bets shopping event yesterday, shoppers lined up to buy discounted products brought to you by New York editors' recommendation (or maybe secretly by advertisers). Gotham Hall, where WWD reports the event was held (though the Best Bets event site says the Altman Building, so we don't know nor care enough to resolve the issue), is also the venue for next month's Lucky Shops, a similar event sponsored by Lucky, the magazine most responsible for young women's crippling credit card debt. So Lucky sent a street team, clad in white Lucky sweatshirts, to hand out fliers to shoppers coming in and out of the Best Bets bonanza. New York wasn't having any of that — particularly not coming from individuals so misguided as to be wearing white sweatshirts — and so the flier-mongers were asked to leave. They repositioned themselves across the street, however, and continued to litter the streets with their capitalist propaganda. Bitches.

September Issues: The First Fall Fashion Weigh-In

Jessica · 08/08/06 01:30PM

Last night we bought four of the glossies' September issues, those typically being the most behemoth of the year. Why only four? Because we had to walk a few blocks, and we could only carry four. Once the Bengay kicks in and we can use our biceps again, we'll grab another round of these bitches.

The Impeccable Torture of the 'Lucky' Swag Suite

Jessica · 05/19/06 10:49AM

In the wake of television upfronts and the wave of small screen stars brought with it, Lucky magazine has a special treat for us all: a video of the swaggy joy within its overly heralded gift suite, where celebrities like Mischa Barton (who likes "skinny jeans and street style"), Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Felicity Huffman (we expected better of her, honestly) score more free shit than a springtime dog run.

Not So 'Lucky': 'Shop Etc.' Keeps On Shoppin'

Jesse · 02/15/06 04:30PM

Multiple sources within 4 Times Square report that Kim France, the editor-in-chief of Lucky, the Conde Nast shopping magazine, just triumphantly announced that Hearst is closing Shop Etc., the rival mag company's rival shopping magazine. "She's ecstatic," says one tipster.