LSU Frat Bros "Sorry" About Their Michael Sam Gay Sex Joke Banner

Allie Jones · 09/11/14 04:42PM

LSU's Delta Kappa Epilson chapter is awful sorry about the banner they hung from their frat house this weekend for the game against Sam Houston State, which read "Michael isn't the only Sam getting the D tonight." While "satire" was the goal, DKE brothers say, "crossing the line and causing offense to others [was] never the intent."

Sorority Song Trashes "Boring Chodes," "Poser Cunts" in Other Chapters

Jay Hathaway · 08/26/14 01:24PM

If there's anything to be learned from last year's "most deranged sorority girl email ever," it's that the internal communications of sororities are endlessly charming, fascinating, and full of the word "cunt." The Louisiana State University chapter of Tri Delta has proven that once again this week with a leaked parody song trashing the "fucking lards" and "poser cunts" in every other sorority on campus

College Student Goes Crazy When She Can't Get Her Pizza

Brian Moylan · 12/10/10 11:55AM

The food court at Louisiana State University sure is a tense place. This girl goes ballistic when she can't get her Papa John's fast enough. She need to go back to her dorm and smoke a J or something. [via]

Time: Going to the Gym Will Not Make You Less Fat

The Cajun Boy · 08/09/09 09:59PM

Ready to start the week off on a down note? Yes?! Well, consider this: all of that time and money you invest in gym memberships and personal trainers may actually be useless in regards to losing weight/staying slim!