The Medicinal Potential of Hallucinogenic Drugs: An Assessment

Hamilton Nolan · 04/12/10 09:08AM

The whole hallucinogens-as-medicine thing is back! Scientist are conducting very strict scientific tests on psychedelic drugs as a treatment for depression. Allow us to save the doctors some trouble. We present our own research findings on this important topic below.

Freak-out at Logan Airport

Etan Berkowitz · 04/08/10 12:49PM

Never take acid before going on a flight, kids. This girl thought it would be a good idea to freak out in the most public space, the food court, and then repeatedly ask to call her parents.

Take a Trip with this IHOP Ad from the 60's

Frank Cozzarelli · 03/10/10 05:14PM

Although they were doubtlessly trying to present a wholesome image, there's something about this ad that makes you feel like you're on drugs. What is it about grainy footage of people running through a field with balloons that suggests LSD?

British Soldiers Trip on LSD

Michael Jordan · 03/01/10 01:13PM

In 1964, the British armed forces tested the effects of LSD on British marines. Their goal was to discover a non-lethal method of incapacitating enemy forces and, if this historical footage is any indication, they found one.

Obama's Face Appears on Blotter Acid

Adrian Chen · 12/02/09 09:31PM

It's like how Jesus is always appearing in pieces of toast in Argentina! Change we can eat and stare at the ceiling for hours on. Thank God this didn't come out during the election. [Boing Boing]