Is This Porn, Or Just The Hills?

Richard Lawson · 05/01/08 12:00PM

Is this woman having an orgasm, or simply on The Hills? That is the question of the day on the Details (a gentleman-on-gentleman's monthly) and GQ (same, basically) website. They've taken a smattering of extreme facial expression close ups from the sun-soaked MTV reality "smash" (sometimes that's what the Brits call a car wreck), and interspersed some regular old porno o-faces. Can you tell the difference between Hills-face and o-face? Take the test here. It's not really that hard, though, because (for me at least) those braying idiots have seared their visages into my memory forever. One day, when I am old and gray and hopefully in the glorious denouement of a serious horse tranquilizer addiction, I imagine that I'll see a bright flash of Whitney Port's bovine face and will immediately feel the mild warmth of an indifferent God and shuffle off this broken, mortal coil. I don't want to experience this alone, so please take the test over and over again until they are a part of you, too.