Like, Whitney Cummings, Like, Interviewed Mindy Kaling on, Like, Her New Talk Show

Rich Juzwiak · 11/29/12 03:50PM

Whitney Cummings' new E! talk show, Love You, Mean It, debuted last night and her first guest was Mindy Kaling. They gnawed the air at each other, swapped compliments and said "like" collectively over 40 times. I strung together all of the latter instances for the reel above. Many of us are guilty of this, myself included. Every time I catch myself doing this, I grind my teeth and one day soon I won't have any teeth and pronouncing a word like "like" will approach impossibility. I'm just saying, like, let's all be more aware of it.

How And Where 'Hamptons Style' Editor Deb Schoeneman Lives

Joshua Stein · 08/07/07 03:20PM

How does Deb Schoeneman—editor of Hamptons Style magazine, Portfolio blogger, and one-time long-time New York mag contributor—actually live? Unsurprisingly, in a large-ish Water Mill house that has an indoor squash court. They use it as a guest room. Surprisingly, in a large-ish Water Mill house that has an extensive collection of literature on Judaism and the Holocaust. She also has an albino gay housecleaner named Marcos who only comes on Sundays and a virtual drumkit in one of the three two-car garages.