The Touching Story of Two Brooklynites in Love

Matt Toder · 08/23/10 10:25AM

Meet Danny and Annie, two Brooklynites married for 27 years and in love the entire time. Here's the story of their relationship, from first date to death, captured in a poignant animation by StoryCorps.

Isaiah Washington Reveals How NBC's Ben Silverman Swept Him Off His Feet

mark · 08/03/07 11:17AM

By now, we thought that former Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington serial silence- breakings about the turbulent events of his recent career would be yielding diminishing returns, with nothing he could offer at this point possibly topping the virtuoso gay-conspiracy theories and McDreamy character assassinations to which we've been treated since his firing. But we were wrong. So very, very wrong. In an interview with meant to clarify the timeline of his controversial addition to the cast of Bionic Woman, Washington recounts the amazing speed with which newly installed NBC rock star Ben Silverman moved to adopt him into his network family once he discovered that the actor had been disowned by ABC. We pick up the narrative at the Chateau Marmont, where Ozwald "House of" Boateng, upon hearing that his buddy Isaiah needed a new job, set into motion the following series of completely fucking insane events: