"I Was Called a Nigger and a Cunt," Says Protester Shoved Out of Trump Rally

Andy Cush · 03/02/16 11:57AM

It was a typical scene at Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday rally in Louisville, Kentucky: A protester, surrounded by Trump supporters and jostled by them until she left the premises. According to the protester in question, it was perhaps even uglier than usual. “I was called a nigger and a cunt, and got kicked out,” Shiya Nwanguma said after the incident.

Two Teens Killed in Train Collision as Car Speeds Across Tracks

Aleksander Chan · 03/16/15 10:53AM

Two Louisville teenagers were killed this past Saturday after the car they were traveling in was hit by an oncoming train. Witnesses say the car ignored flashing warning signs and blaring alarms before speeding onto the tracks. The two passengers closest to the impact were pronounced dead at the scene; two others remain in critical condition.

One Person Rushed to Hospital in Reported Shooting at Louisville HS

Aleksander Chan · 09/30/14 01:23PM

One person has been taken to the hospital after reported gunshots erupted at Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Ken. Just before 2 p.m. local time, students walked out of the building single-file with their hands clasped over the heads. The elementary school next door has been placed on lockdown, WAVE reports.

High School Class Finds Body on Field Trip

Max Read · 05/11/11 06:59PM

A high school class in Louisville, Ky. just went on the best field trip, ever! If you like finding bodies. Because that's what they did! They found a body, face-down "by a creek behind the school in a wooded area."

Police Say Man Hid Drugs in Penis

Max Read · 02/08/11 08:51PM

Police say they found a "small bag" of crack hidden inside the foreskin of one Antoine Banks, late of Fairdale, Ky., during a strip search ordered after another small bag of cocaine was found "tied to the waistband of Banks' boxers." There are, probably, better places on one's body to secrete contraband—certainly there are more comfortable places—but the drug-concealing ability of the male human foreskin is, I think, an under-explored aspect of the circumcision debate. [WLKY]