Google resumes valued at $200 million by Wal-Mart heirs

Nicholas Carlson · 09/15/08 12:00PM

A new report reveals that when the Walton family, heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune, invested in Cuil, a search engine, they valued ex-Googlers Anna Patterson, Russell Power, and Louis Monier's startup at a ridiculous $200 million. With Monier leaving, does that mean it's worth 33 percent less? The search engine's sloppy launch has likely proved more damaging to the founders' paper wealth. But Cuil's outsized funding should hearten every Google customer-service rep: The stock may be down, but the value of putting "Google" on your LinkedIn profile remains overinflated. Just tell the investors about the time you beat Larry Page at foosball, and their wallets open right up.