Every Lottery Ad Is a Crime

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/15 12:37PM

Hee hee, ha ha, the New York state lottery has a new series of television ads coming out that pokes fun at the idle rich. Oh ho! Lottery advertising executives should be locked in jail for fraud.

How to Buy Dinner for a Restaurant Full of Strangers

Caity Weaver · 06/12/13 04:34PM

The 84-year-old line cutter who was recently rewarded for jumping the queue at Publix with the largest single jackpot in American lottery history ($370.8 million), may have bought dinner for a restaurant full of strangers over the weekend. She also may have continued hoarding the millions all to herself, not givin' anyone shit. An employee of the Buddy Freddy's restaurant in Plant City, FL told the Tampa Bay Times that a woman who "sure looked like" Gloria MacKenzie paid for dinner for 180 people on Sunday. That woman told the employee that she sure wasn't Gloria MacKenzie; just some other mysterious 84-year-old millionaire from central Florida buying everyone dinner for no reason.

Woman Who Let Powerball Winner Cut in Line Speaks Out: 'Things Happen'

Neetzan Zimmerman · 06/06/13 09:16AM

Mother-of-two Mindy Crandell was standing in line at a Publix supermarket in Zephyrhills, Florida, waiting to buy a Powerball ticket in the hopes of claiming her share of a historic $590.5 million payday, when 84-year-old Gloria C. Mackenzie suddenly cut in front of her.