If You Lost a Book and Notes at the Concert in the Park, Here They Are

Tom Scocca · 06/18/15 03:00PM

If you forgot some reading and writing material on the Great Lawn in Central Park last night, here it is. Presumably you went to the New York Philharmonic concert there, which marked 50 years of the Concerts in the Parks series. It was a nice show but hectic—the unexpected rain forced an early intermission, caused a couple of numbers to be dropped from the program, and led some people to flee early.

CIA Finds Some Extra Pics of bin Laden's Corpse Lying Around the Office

John Cook · 02/15/13 04:21PM

After Osama bin Laden was assassinated in 2011, there was perhaps no more hotly sought after document on the planet than a hypothetical photograph of bin Laden's dead body, which had of course arrived at that sorry state as a result of the most tightly controlled and choreographed military operation in recent history. After some public hemming and hawing in response to an overwhelming cry for visual proof of the venture's success, the Obama White House acknowledged the existence of such photos but refused to release them in response to Freedom of Information Act requests from various parties. So one would imagine that, given the intense interest in the images and the high-profile litigation surrounding them, the CIA would conduct a rigorous accounting of each such image, its provenance, and current location, right? No, of course not. In fact, they just found some under the couch.

Mega Millions 'Winner' on Misplaced Ticket: 'I Haven't Looked in My Pants Yet'

Maureen O'Connor · 04/06/12 08:59AM

"World's most famous McDonald's employee" Mirlande Wilson—who claims she has Maryland's winning Mega Millions ticket but hasn't decided whether or not she'll accept her winning yet—almost definitely didn't win the lottery. But, damn, she has totally won the lottery-centric news cycle. Check out the latest nonchalant multi-millionaire quotes she gave to The New York Post about her supposedly winning ticket:

Someone Left Their Stun Gun on a JetBlue Plane

Jeff Neumann · 07/11/11 04:34AM

Feds are trying to figure out how someone got a stun gun onto an airplane after cleaning crews found one neatly stowed away in the seatback pocket of a JetBlue plane that arrived at Newark Airport from Boston on Friday. All of this TSA shit talking is finally coming back to bite us in the ass. They've obviously just given up at this point.