Documents Show Bill Clinton Took All of the Money and Answered None of the Questions

Jordan Sargent · 07/11/16 11:57AM

By their own estimation, Bill and Hillary Clinton have made over $150 million off speaking engagements since Bill left the White House in 2001. Over the last decade, their six-figure fees—and the attendant contractual demands—have become standard, but a new story in the Los Angeles Times reveals some of the extraordinary measures organizations were required to go to in order to book, and satisfy, Bill and his team.

Los Angeles Times Reporters Forced to Strongarm Oscars Tickets From Starfucking Bosses

Jordan Sargent · 03/01/16 02:17PM

There are two broad reasons why you might attend the Oscars. The first would be to enjoy the grand pageantry of the insanely rich and famous congratulating each other for completing the difficult but necessary act of making motion pictures. The second would be to do your job. Prior to this past Sunday’s ceremony, Los Angeles’ newspaper of record found itself being torn apart by these two distinct functions.

LA's Own 'United Nations of Marijuana'

Jeff Neumann · 04/20/10 04:58AM

Californians keep coming up with ridiculous schemes to attract tourists. Dennis Peron, a "hero to the marijuana movement," is trying to open a weed-friendly hotel, or "pot-tel" in Koreatown's famed Hotel Normandie. Tonight is the grand opening.

Ex-LA Times Journalists Not Doing So Well

Ravi Somaiya · 12/02/09 06:16AM

Thinking about taking a buyout, or leaving your media job to pursue your organic restaurant/piano teacher dreams? Read this depressing survey of 75 ex-Los Angeles Times journalists first. It's not pretty. Only 11 have landed full-time jobs!

Reporter Doesn't Want His Super-Secret Interview Technique Outed

John Cook · 11/13/09 12:59PM

California Attorney General Jerry Brown's communications director illegally recorded Brown's conversations with reporters, an act that made the conversations themselves subject to California's public records law. The L.A. Times and other papers published them, which makes one reporter very uncomfortable.

More Online Talent Departs the L.A. Times

Ryan Tate · 09/04/09 05:00PM

The Los Angeles Times is losing its online managing editor to CNN.com, editor Russ Stanton confirmed in a staff email, reprinted below. The departure marks the further dismantling of a team that relaunched the site starting about five years ago.