Tax Weed, Save the Homeless

Hamilton Nolan · 07/13/16 08:30AM

Life is not all about sitting around “getting high” and daydreaming about saving the world and having hot sex at the same time. Life is about tax policy—that’s where the action is.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/21/16 01:40PM

Scientists say the number of annual “extreme heat” days in Los Angeles could increase by 800% over the course of this century. Good thing future L.A. residents will have futuristic air-conditioning in their self-driving cars as they sit in future sweltering traffic jams, wondering where their dreams went wrong.

A Congressman's Step-By-Step Guide to the Perfect Terrorist Hoax

Jordan Sargent · 12/16/15 02:46PM

Yesterday, every school in Los Angeles was closed after the city received an emailed threat of a terrorist attack. Later in the day, the city of New York revealed that it too had received a “similar” email, but did not deem it “credible,” which necessitated that officials in L.A. explain why they decided to abruptly tell some 600,000 kids to stay home.

Tinder Confidential: The Hookup App's Founders Can't Swipe Away the Past

Sam Biddle · 11/23/15 11:32AM

Ashley Terrill was in hiding the first time I heard her voice, splitting time between her Los Angeles home and a $600-a-night room at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Terrill had locked her laptop and phone in a secret vault, and would only contact me on disposable phones—all because, she claimed, the estranged co-founder of Tinder was trying to destroy her. And that fear was mutual.