Despite Photo, Cocktail Waitress Denies Dating Prince Harry

Max Read · 10/23/11 12:27PM

Are our dreams of Princess Cocktail Waitress premature? Perhaps! Also, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively spend birthday time together and Jennifer Lopez has an on-stage breakdown. Sunday gossip is waiting to hear back from Tyler Perry about the role of "Judith's other coworker."

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/14/09 07:08AM

Adrien Brody turns 36 today. Makeup queen Bobbi Brown is 52. Sarah Michelle Gellar is turning 32. Disgraced baseball great Pete Rose is 68. Everybody Loves Raymond's Brad Garrett is turning 49. Abigail Breslin is turning 13. Actress Julie Christie is 68. Anthony Michael Hall of Weird Science and Breakfast Club fame is 41. Shawntae Harris, the rapper better known as Da Brat, turns 35. And country music legend Loretta Lynn celebrates her 74th birthday today.