Lorde Is About %$ Years Old, According to That Microsoft Age App

Jay Hathaway · 04/30/15 05:10PM

If there’s one thing Microsoft’s new web toy “How Old Do I Look?” is good for, it’s exploiting our collective narcissism to build a robust facial recognition database. But if it’s good for a second thing, it’d have to be answering the open question of how old alleged celebrity teenager Lorde really is.

South Park Mocks Spin Over Joke About Elderly Pop Star

Jay Hathaway · 10/09/14 12:00PM

Remember the time South Park did a joke about the conspiracy theory that teenage pop star Lorde is actually way older than she claims? And the time Spin, a music publication, totally missed the joke and got offended on Lorde's behalf? It was a week ago. Anyway...

Are the South Park Guys Lorde Age Truthers?

Jay Hathaway · 10/02/14 01:45PM

Grammy-winning New Zealand singer Lorde's rise to fame is especially remarkable because she's just 17 years old. Or that's what she wants you to think. Despite the release of the singer's birth certificate—or an easily-forged printout of it, anyway—earlier this year, some still believe Lorde is older than she claims.

Weird Al Spills All His Illuminati Secrets in "Royals" Parody

Jay Hathaway · 07/16/14 10:45AM

Weird Al Yankovic's #8Videos8Days continues with a parody of "Royals", the Lorde song that even Lorde is sick of hearing. Al's version is fresh, though, because he's got it wrapped up tight in strong, versatile aluminum foil (foiiiiil). It's as good for preserving sandwiches as it is for preserving your head from government thought control.