Non-Lesbians Able to Heal Baby Deer With Their Whimsical, Name-dropping Charms

Sheila · 07/21/08 04:43PM

A reader suggested that this week's Look Book in New York magazine was so over-the-top that we should bring back our old "Looking at the Look Book" feature, at least temporarily. And, because it's cucumber season, we obliged. This week's subjects, Charlotte (Sean Lennon's girlfriend, she'll have you know) and Sarabeth, are awesome! We brought out crazed uber-commenter Lolcait (sometimes known as Richard Lawson) to help analyze the friends who met when "Charlotte walked in [to a friend's house] with one of her breasts hanging out."

Daddy, What Does a Hedge-Funder Do?

Sheila · 03/17/08 05:03PM

Hey! Can you help Jonah Green (son of Mark Green, best known for having run against Bloomberg and being president of Air America Radio)? He's starting a new video series for New York magazine tentatively called "On the Job." Explains Jonah, "It could be a video Look Book of professions, if you will... to finally understand what a hedge funder does, to view the madness a dog walker encounters while roving the upper east side, or watch a hot dog vendor brew that funky hot dog juice." He's looking for some candidates. What kind of candidates? "Fashion/art assistant, Hedge funder, commodity trader, Food inspector/taster, Architect, Art dealer, Dog walker." Or maybe "high-priced call girls," since everybody is so interested in those lately!

Jessica Joffe and Faran Krentcil Administer The Look Book Coup De Grace

aswerdloff · 05/24/07 01:50PM

"I love to consume. Consuming is my specialty," says 26-year-old, $3,500 purse owning private equity associate Natasha Mitra. She is why this feature, intended to stare deep into the dark night of New York magazine's Look Book feature, exists. But in some circular, paradoxical, almost Buddhist way, she's also why this feature, after like, two years or something, has to go. Say goodbye! LATLB isn't going gentle into that good night, however! After the jump, Intern Alexis solicits the opinions of no less than Jessica Joffe, Faran Krentcil and Matthew Schneier as to what's in Natasha's Stratus bag.

Alice Lane Is A Ginger Nut

aswerdloff · 05/15/07 02:56PM

Oh dear, it's always difficult when a Look Book subject comes off as sweet and endearing and down to earth. Makeup artist Alice Lane is all those things and also a Victim! Of hair trauma. "When I was a kid, my dad cut my hair and I had a big, Afro, microphone head. And it was red. I could never get a boyfriend." After the jump, Intern Alexis rallies David Lê, Michael Gambale, and Molly Finkelstein to give Alice a whole new set of issues, and also to discover the etymology of "Ginger Spice."

Robert Rufino Used To Weigh 200 Pounds

aswerdloff · 05/09/07 05:12PM

"But now I'm an avid jogger. Who wants to be fat? You lose your courage," says Robert Rufino, this week's New York magazine Look Book victim. Well, fair enough! You probably don't also land on the International Best Dressed List twice if you're a fatty, an honor that hasn't gone to Robert's head at all. "They say, 'Whoever you are, you look really great.' And I say, 'Okay, fine. That's nice.'" Exactly. After the jump, Intern Alexis brings in experts Kimmy Gatewood, Sam Biederman, and Sam West to elaborate further.

Janice Su Has An Asian Ball-Jointed Doll

aswerdloff · 05/02/07 03:46PM

New York magazine, the most beloved magazine of its generation, is really getting into "novelty" in its weekly Look Book man-on-the-street feature. It's killing us. Seriously, going to the Comic-Con and asking people about the particulars of their superhero outfits? Really, Amy Larocca? We're not implying that it's beneath you or anything, it's just, like... *cough* isn't this kind of thing what Time Out New York is for *cough cough.* What? Oh, nothing! Anyway, student Janice Su has a doll. She makes him little outfits, and then she makes herself matching ones! After the jump, Intern Alexis has Jon Friedman, Guilia Rozzi, and Naomi Leibowitz discuss why this might be.

John Howard Knight III

aswerdloff · 04/25/07 05:20PM

Designer John Howard Knight III, aka Tr , has marcelled hair, a raccoon-tail on his purse, and a bad attitude. "Some people would consider my style to be gothic, but those people just don't get it," he tells New York mag's Amy Larocca. He also claims that his look is very "period-driven." We so get that—we're often period-driven ourselves. After the jump, Intern Alexis gets Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman, Matt Oberg and Sarah Burns to rag on him.

Looking at the Look Book: Catherine Tuck Is Not Gisele

aswerdloff · 03/15/07 12:27PM

Fashion student Catherine Tuck was "just another girl" when she lived in Brazil. Now that she lives in New York, though, she's "just another Brazilian girl." Life is hard when you're tall and pretty and from Brazil! After the jump, Intern Alexis asks Jen Adams, Ben Zelevansky and Christina Kallery to reassure Catherine that she's a special unique snowflake, and also insult her wrap.

Looking At The Look Book: Andr J. A Gay Clich

Emily Gould · 03/07/07 04:32PM

Serious question: where do gays like Andr J. come from? Who trapped them in a basement and forced them to watch Paris is Burning 1,000,0000 times, and why? Is there an academy someplace where an entire class solely concerns the correct inflection of the word "girlfriend"? Related question: do America's Next Top Model's Miss Jay and Jay Alexander have anything to do with Andr J. and if not why not? Maybe we'll never know the answers to these questions, but after the jump, Intern Alexis gathers Jonas Oransky, Hannah Frank, and Ritch Duncan to answer other, perhaps more pertinent ones.

Looking At The Look Book: Pascal LeGrand, Thas and Gia Are So Fraaaaanch

Emily Gould · 02/28/07 05:18PM

"You know Versailles? It's kind of Versailles-looking," says Parisian retailer Pascal Legrand of his children's wardrobe. How utterly European and charming! Or something. After the jump, Intern Alexis gathers Jackie Sibblies, David Roth, and Bennett Madison to discuss Pascal's... 'ow you say, je ne sais quoi.

Looking At The Look Book: Dorcas Myers Has Two Faces

Emily Gould · 02/14/07 03:42PM

We don't mean to offend. (Heh.) But! Can someone tell us what's up with sassy black ladies sometimes having a name for their "fun" alter ego? Everyone already knows about multiplatform diva Beyonce's onstage persona, "Sasha." But did you know about executive assistant and hair model Dorcas Meyers' alternate personality, Gwenevere? No? Well, after the jump, Intern Alexis rounds up Bob Powers, Amanda Melson, and Isaac Kardon to figure out exactly what Dorcas means when she says that Gwenevere is "free."

Looking At The Look Book: Eric Harvey Brown

Emily Gould · 02/07/07 05:20PM

Eric Harvey Brown is an art production designer who lived in Jersey City before it was cool. He maintains that ladies love his Civil War reenactor beard. And when asked to describe his style, he comes back with, "Like what I wear and how I hold myself and stuff?" After the jump, Intern Alexis rounds up Susan Prekel, Chris Regan, and Elon James White, who went way too easy on him.

Looking At The Look Book: Bess and Kaia Abraham Are Both Dressed Like Children

Emily Gould · 01/31/07 05:00PM

We have to admit, we don't automatically abhor Bess Abraham. Sorry! Look, we jumped to conclusions when we read that she was a jewelry designer, which is usually code for "my husband makes the money" (see also: preschool teacher, useless shit boutique-owner). But it turns out that Bess's husband is also a jewelry designer, which makes her sort of cool. And we'd mock her for indulging herself in the fantasy that a sushi bar is her daughter's "favorite restaurant," but we feel kind of done with that theme for the day.

Looking At The Video Look Book: Tess Lindgren

Emily Gould · 01/26/07 02:40PM

Tess Lindgren is a Parsons student with bracelets, ribbon-dreds, and an upper lip piercing that doubles as a speech impediment enhancer. How much easier can a target be? Seriously, we've done a full 180 and now we love Tess and are currently looking at tickets to Minnesota on Priceline so that we can hit the same secondhand store that her coat comes from. But after the jump, Intern Alexis has Allison Castillo and Chris DeLuca share their thoughts, which are a tiny bit less charitable.

Get Ready To Look At The Look Book Book

Emily Gould · 01/26/07 12:50PM

Well, this is the best news we've heard from WWD since . . . well, since the item before it, about how Jessica Joffe was picked to star in new Uniqlo ads because they're all about "interesting, creative people not changed by the media." Annnyway, they also report that New York Magazine's cherished Look Book feature is soon going to be transmuted into a collectible coffee-table book that we can all own! But what will differentiate the Look Book Book from, you know, the Look Book?

Looking At The Look Book: Jeanne Zheng Doesn't Care If There's Blood On Those Diamonds

Emily Gould · 01/17/07 05:30PM

Jeanne Zheng says she is a "cosmetics executive." Mmm? We are pretty sure this is like when you read Cosmo and everyone quoted is a 23 year old "associate vice president of marketing" and it takes a while to figure out that all of those titles actually mean "professional Diet Coke drinker." Anyway, we digress. Jeanne Zheng was on her way to an interview at Phat Farm when New York Mag snapped her; after the jump, Intern Alexis rounds up Liam McEneaney, Catie Lazarus, and Livia Scott to speculate about whether or not she got the job.

Looking At The Look Book: You See Your Gypsy

Emily Gould · 01/03/07 04:00PM

Seriously, Stevie Nicks fucking wishes she was as much of a gypsy as Mica de Jesus. That's because, as Mica herself so eloquently puts it, she's a real gyspy — "It's not like being a hippie or something. You can decide to be a hippie. If you're a gypsy, it's just who you are." She reads tarot cards! Her family is "like, traveling, wandering vagabond people"! We LOVE gypsies and so this is almost more awesome than we can stand. Luckily for us, Intern Alexis gathered some inspired commentators — Matt Wolf, Bex Schwartz, and Mike Grynbaum. After the jump, they try to figure out whether or not Mica fulfills New York's one non white person per week quota.

Looking At The Look Book: Commuting + Style, In The Same Sentence At Last

Emily Gould · 12/20/06 03:10PM

This week New York served up an early Xmas present, with a four for the price of one Look Book that's supposedly about how, in the sparkly, magical Big Apple, even the quotidian trek to work is full of style. Uh, whatever. Maybe they're right, but we don't really know anymore: our morning commute takes place so early that most of the outfits that surround us on the subway simply scream "day laborer." Maybe it's a look that Theyskens is doing for spring? Anyway, after the jump, Intern Alexis solicits the opinions of Rich Juzniak, Callista Brill, and Kimberly Weeks to determine who will go on to becoming America's Next Top Commuter Model.

Looking at the Look Book: DW and Tasha Gibson Are Estimable Dorks

Emily Gould · 11/29/06 04:55PM

DW Gibson is a "writer" so not-famous that Google has never heard of him. His wife Tasha is a hottie and a professional chef. Life's not fair. After the jump, Intern Alexis rounds up Matteo Borghese, Matthew Schneier, and Lora Grillo to elaborate more on this point.

Looking at the Look Book: The Shoe Designer Has No Feet

Emily Gould · 11/15/06 03:55PM

Oh New York Magazine, how you tease us! Such an in-depth interview with spoiled shoemaker Alexis MacDonald, and yet nary a glimpse at the feet that people apparently "always stare at." We're left to our imaginings, which are vivid, and involve something "modern and wearable" with "nice slim lasts." Nice, slim . . . lasts. Oooh. Are you tingling yet, or is that just us? After the jump, Intern Alexis rounds up Joshua Bryce Newman, Rachel Fershleiser, Jon Boschetto, and Alexis Goldberg, who suggest plenty more ways that foot fetishists can milk this Look Book for all it's worth.