Sheena Harrell: Now Booking Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs

cityfile · 01/28/09 08:56AM

The coolest person to be friends with right now? Michelle Obama, of course. But unless you attended Harvard Law with Michelle or Oprah intervenes on your behalf, it's unlikely you're going to suddenly strike up a friendship with the First Lady. Allow us to present an alternative: Call up Sheena Harrell. She's a part-time Michelle Obama lookalike and if you get Sheena to show up to a party, your guests will think you're much more important than you really are. Plus she also happens to be a Christian minister and motivational speaker, and while her religious faith may prevent her from becoming the life of the party—and may make her a less-than-ideal fit for a Bar Mitzvah—her motivational skills should be useful if you're trying to get people to participate in a silent auction. Not planning an event but still want to lead people into thinking you're tight with the White House? Ask Sheena to be your friend on Facebook.

Faux-bama Hot, Young, Less Dorky

Ryan Tate · 01/12/09 08:08PM

Staff Sgt. Derrick Brooks, 26, looks enough like the handsome president-elect that he's already kind of a big deal. Barack Obama doesn't see the resemblance. Jealous much?

Available for Holiday Parties: Tony and Carmela Soprano

cityfile · 11/19/08 09:18AM

Many companies have been busy cancelling their holiday parties in recent weeks. But if your firm is still searching for a little entertainment to spice things up (and you're not interested in having a losing contestant from Top Chef make an appearance), here's one more option to add to the list. Donald and Allison, who operate a site called SopranosLookalikes.com and claim they served as James Gandolfini and Edie Falco's photo doubles on the HBO show, say they still have some availabilities for upcoming holiday events. The couple promises to offer up quite a show if you hire them. They'll happily meet and greet your guests, "present awards," and "do toasts." They're also willing to "argue with each other" and "Tony can humiliate those you want made an example out of," which, come to think about it, might come in handy if the CEO of your company just slashed the budget and fired a big bunch of people.

Tracy Morgan Used To Be A Barbershop Model?

Nick Douglas · 06/01/08 09:32PM

Did the Long Island Cutlery Company grab an old Tracy Morgan publicity shot for this poster, or did the Saturday Night Live actor and comedian pose explicitly to show off his curls and mustache for a barbershop? (Or did the source, Jamaica's First Magazine, find a Morgan doppelganger?) Full size Morgan barbershop shot below, with a recent Morgan photo for comparison. See the full poster here.

Aren't You That Nice Girl From That Patrick Dempsey Movie?

Douglas Reinhardt · 05/05/08 12:40PM

In between takes of filming a commercial for Nintendo, a woman stopped and asked Liv Tyler, star of the upcoming The Strangers, if she was in fact Michelle Monaghan, star of the recently released Made Of Honor. Tyler explained to the woman that she wasn't related to Monaghan, but the woman insisted that Tyler must be an aunt or a distant cousin of Monaghan. Tyler continued to explain her genealogy by mentioning that her father was the singer for Aerosmith, but the woman shook her head and said, "Fine. Whatever. You're not related to her, but I most certainly know that she's a lot nicer."