British Stripper and Her Mom Get Twin Surgeries to Look Like Katie Price

Jay Hathaway · 08/27/15 04:22PM

Kayla Morris, just a regular 20-year-old British woman, loves to do loads of things with her mum, Georgina Clarke. Such as: Wear the same clothes, get the same clothes, borrow each other’s clothes, get their nails done together, have their nails done the same, and get plastic surgery to look like British model and TV personality Katie Price. They’re very close.

An Army of Ryan Gosling Look-alikes Rises In Iceland

Adrian Chen · 07/16/13 11:38AM

If you do not follow Icelandic news closely you may have missed the fact that Ryan Gosling turned the island nation upside down this month. He'd arrived in Iceland on July 10th to work with the Icelandic editor of his directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster, and ended up being mistaken for a not insignificant number of the country's men.

Times Are Tough for Tiger Woods Lookalike

Maureen O'Connor · 11/11/11 04:21PM

World's best Tiger Woods impersonator Canh Oxelson "has all but put an end to his look-alike career," reports the New York Observer. Impersonating Tiger Woods just isn't as fun as it used to be, Canh says, and he's kind of busy at his new job as head of college counseling at Horace Mann.

Spanish Politician Sues FBI For Making Him Into Osama bin Laden

Adrian Chen · 10/12/11 01:08PM

Last year, the FBI admitted to using large portions of a random Spanish politician's campaign photograph for an age-progressed mockup of Osama bin Laden, which happened to look a lot like the random Spanish politician. Now he's suing.

Porn-Making Gang Keeps Trying to Kidnap Saddam Hussein Lookalike

Lauri Apple · 10/11/11 06:24AM

Mohamed Bishr not only has to deal with people on the street harassing him for looking like Saddam Hussein—he also has to evade the Iraqi gang that's trying to kidnap him and force him to star in their porn movies. And you thought you had problems.

The Best and Worst Celebrity Wax Figures

Leah Beckmann · 10/09/11 11:21AM

As far as gimmicky tourist attractions go, none tops the great Madame Tussaud and her house of clones. Not to wax poetic here, but there is something equal parts satisfying and unnerving about a dead-eyed Susan Boyle. The resemblance is uncanny! And even if it isn't and the wax statue looks nothing like its real-life counterpart, well, even that is something to see.

Fox News Confuses Tina Fey with Sarah Palin

Maureen O'Connor · 06/06/11 12:06PM

Fox News accidentally revealed its deepest, darkest secret yesterday: The public figure known as "Sarah Palin" is actually an elaborate comedy sketch by Tina Fey. This clip from America's News HQ, in which Palin employer/promoter Fox News illustrates a Palin story with an image from Fey's Saturday Night Live Palin impression, pretty much proves it. Turns out Roger Ailes secretly wants to be Lorne Michaels. [Video via Crooks & Liars]

When Sarah Palin Met Her Clone

Seth Abramovitch · 06/02/11 11:23PM

Q. How many Sarah Palins does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A. Two! One to wander around the country devouring babies indiscriminately on a large-scale media-whoring expedition, and another to confront the first on a Boston street corner with vaguely threatening intimations that this meeting won't be their last. (Oh, and "one of her guys" to actually change the bulb.) [Video via Hardball]

Is Christopher Walken Trying to Abduct College Students?

Max Read · 04/04/11 07:11PM

Quiz time! Is the gentleman pictured on the left actor Christopher Walken sporting a new mustache? Or is it one Tony A. Kadyhrob, accused of harrassing and attempting to abduct college students at a variety of New Jersey colleges?

Graydon Carter's Bombay Doppelganger?

cityfile · 05/07/09 08:04AM

"Has anyone else noticed that Anish Kapoor looks like an Indian Graydon Carter?" asks a reader. (Kapoor, in case you were unaware, is a famous sculptor and lives in Bombay.) To be perfectly honest, the thought never dawned on us! But looking at the photos side by side, we have to admit it: The reader has a point. Naturally, we have no idea if Kapoor set out to resemble the Vanity Fair editor. But if he really wants to make the similarity stick, he's probably going to have to make an investment in some hairspray. The South Asian climate is no friend of the seagull haircut, that's for sure.

Is This Bernie Madoff Dressed As a Pimp?

Ryan Tate · 03/26/09 12:53AM

Online photo service ScanCafe tells us a customer in upstate New York submitted this photo, ostensibly of Bernie Madoff, about a week ago. We were skeptical, but check out the nose and the smile.