New York's Look Book: How it Launched One Girl's Career

Sheila · 05/21/08 04:45PM

As Nylon points out, the rainbow gal to the left—photographed at age fourteen for New York magazine's LookBook section, a street-fashion centerfold in which oft-annoying people explain their outfits—is actually in one of their ads for the June issue! The ad was shot by loose cannon and Last Night's Party photographer Merlin Bronques. Kay Goldberg is eighteen now and looking totally fashionable—so it's OK to click for the photo.

Looking At The Look Book Looker

Josh · 05/16/07 03:56PM

New York magazine's fashion-on-the-street feature, the Look Book, set up shop around the corner from our office today. Who was Amy Larocca, the arbiter of taste, destroyer of men and maker of heroes? We wanted to know. Finding her was easy. The Look Book Squad had set up a massive white backdrop on the corner. Like a spider awaiting its prey, Larocca lurked nearby for sartorial ridiculants. But like a sunglassed snow leopard, she proved elusive, sliding out of the camera's field of vision. After minutes of being nice (the longest I've ever gone), she agreed to be interviewed. Why? She's got a book to plug! It's coming out on Sept. 3!

Meet Julio Bezan

abalk2 · 05/02/07 10:40AM

Last night, New York magazine scored a terrifying and decisive sweep at the ASME mag awards. (Much more on this soon!) Apparently none can resist New York's glossy to the point of chapsticky take on New York. And who can resist its popular Look Book feature? It's a window into the kind of New York we all not-so-secretly crave, a world of aspiration and consumption and youth. Now, if you walk down any actual block in this town, you're aware that there's a whole other New York, a place whose less fortunate inhabitants rarely find themselves inside the glossy pages of Adam Moss' chronicle of the beau monde. Don't these people also deserve to show off their style? So in honor of the Adam Mossbot and his many awards, here's our take on the Look Book; a chronicle of the real New York. Justin Rocket Silverman and Richard Blakeley are your interlocutors.

John Howard Knight III

aswerdloff · 04/25/07 05:20PM

Designer John Howard Knight III, aka Tr , has marcelled hair, a raccoon-tail on his purse, and a bad attitude. "Some people would consider my style to be gothic, but those people just don't get it," he tells New York mag's Amy Larocca. He also claims that his look is very "period-driven." We so get that—we're often period-driven ourselves. After the jump, Intern Alexis gets Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman, Matt Oberg and Sarah Burns to rag on him.

Looking at the Look Book: Kareem Dimitrious Collie and Donald Ray Franklin II Have Lots Of Names

aswerdloff · 04/18/07 04:36PM

"I was afraid of looking too Euro, so I put on this little straw hat that I usually wear in the summertime," graphic designer Kareem Collie tells New York magazine's Look Book this week. We often worry about looking too Euro, too, except NOT REALLY. Wait, Josh probably does worry about that. See, this is why we have to try harder to stop saying "we." After the jump, Intern Alexis gets Rachael Parenta, Jack Silbert and Scott Eckert's opinions on the whole "going by all three of your given names" issue.

Looking at the Look Book: Jenn Lombardo Is Pregs

aswerdloff · 04/12/07 01:19PM

Jenn Lombardo loves being up the stick because "for some reason people look at you with so much respect and admiration. They're really kind to you, so you have a bit of a glow. You feel special, and you are special." Uh, whatever, twentieth pregnant lady I've seen today. After the jump, Intern Alexis rallies Matt Kirsch, Ellie Kempner, and Raquel DApice to talk baby names.

Looking at the Look Book: Marie-Claude Nechvatal Don't Get Fat

aswerdloff · 04/04/07 04:19PM

Marie-Claude Nechvatal is a fashion consultant! Have there been a bunch of Frenchies in the Look Book lately? Weird! Or maybe not so weird. After all, as Marie-Claude herself says, "French women always have a little something that makes it. They have a touch. The Americans have less the touch; they follow too much what they learn in magazines." After the jump, Intern Alexis gets a "little something" from Joe Mande, Anne Altman, and Brandy Barber.

Looking at the Look Book: Pimping Nita Sulzer's Ride

aswerdloff · 03/28/07 05:14PM

Nita Sulzer is a nice grandma with a sweet ride: a seafrost Jaguar! It looks good on her. And you should see her condo in Manhasset! Really, you should see it. "If you think this car is beautiful, you should see the condo. We have a clubhouse, three tennis courts, and a swimming pool. It's beautiful here, it really is. And we have security at the gates, so I don't worry about anyone coming in and robbing me." After the jump, Intern Alexis corrals Greg Johnson, Charles Star, and Lang Fisher to give Nita some new things to worry about.

Looking at the Look Book: Mysterious Chantal Adair

aswerdloff · 03/21/07 03:47PM

So there's a famous mystery novel in which a detective wakes up with 'Chantal Adair' tattooed on his chest, which led me to the question: is Chantal Adair living my dream and totally fucking with the Look Book by creating a fake persona on the spot? Come on, no one would seriously cite Victoria Beckham as a "style icon!" Sadly, a bit of googling seems to indicate that Chantal is for real. Bummer. After the jump, Intern Alexis rallies Kate Miltner, Jack Kukoda, and Dan McCoy to unravel Chantal's remaining mysteries.

Looking At The Look Book: Sam Parker's Expensive Tastes

Emily Gould · 02/21/07 04:27PM

Sam Parker is an "art student," which, as everyone knows, is the only thing worse than an "artist." He has an internship at a store! He can't go into Jeffrey's without buying something! He loves Thom Browne! Basically he is just like you and me, except that we are not entitled twits who spend a lot of money to look like "young Bob Dylan" meets "even Jewier." After the jump, Intern Alexis lets Emily Epstein, Annie Karni and Alec Cumming go to town on him.

Looking At The Look Book: Chloe Dietz To Be One Non-Douche at Brown U.

Emily Gould · 12/13/06 04:55PM

Bay Ridge high schooler Chloe Dietz managed to outwit New York and not come off as any kind of twat, twit, or brat in her Look Book. Good for Chloe, but bad for our Lookers, who mostly gave up on trying to find a way to poke fun at Chloe's down to earth take on fashion and art and ended up loving her up instead. Brace yourself, Brown University — we have a feeling Chloe's headed your way! After the jump, Intern Alexis pushes Cody Chamberlain, Stephen Haskell, and Alice Wetterlund to take a closer look at those Target boots.

Gawker's Where Are They Now: A Look Book Twatwaffle of Yore

Emily Gould · 12/07/06 04:10PM

Remember Look Book victim Lisa Falcone, the hedge fund wifey with her dressed-up twins? Come on, how could you forget? She was probably one of the twattiest Look Book subjects ever, spouting out gems like "When they're sleeping, I plan their outfits for the next day. I constantly see kids dressed casual, and I just feel that if I teach my kids to be casual, then fashion will die. And I'm not going to let that happen on my watch!" and, perhaps most tellingly, "I started out modeling. When I met my husband, I started freelance editing, and now I'm writing a novel."

Looking At The Look Book: Wyatt Hough is Crazy AND Androgynous

Emily Gould · 12/06/06 02:25PM

This week's Look Book subject does "as much yoga as [he] can." Well, Wyatt, we do a lot of yoga (we do. Seriously!) And we have to tell you: your backbend totally sucks. You're not supporting your lumbar properly at all, and you're going to have some nasty issues with that when you're older if you don't shape up. Also, saying that you love living in Nolita "because it's very youthful, but not as dirty as, say, the East Village" is an incredibly twatty thing to say. BKS Inyegar himself taught us that. Well, okay, not really, but the part about the backbend is true. After the jump, Swami Shivananda Interna Alexisa rounds up the toned, centered wisdom of John Phillips, Yelena Elkind, and Marty Tuber to further analyze Wyatt's shoddy Urdhva Dhanurasana, and also his pants.

Looking at the Look Book

sUKi · 10/26/06 12:00PM

What's cooler than cool, but not as cool as ice cold? Unkempt asymmetrical hair and a strategically placed cigarette. This week's edition of New York magazine Look Book brings you the apparent spawn of Malcolm Gladwell and Lenny Kravitz, "massively Afroed guitarist" Alex Kennedy-Grant. And you're in luck because he just woke up and you're seeing the hair in a "totally raw state". Alex, who describes his musical style as "psychedelic soul and blues-rock" laments the fact that no one really plays the guitar any more, and will not apologize for being a virtuoso. "I'm totally independent," Alex proudly declares, but admits he wouldn't mind getting paid. Totally.

After the jump, Inter Alexis corrals Joshua Stein, Pat Driscoll and Timothy Michael Cooper to dig through the Afro for change.

Looking at the Look Book

sUKi · 10/19/06 12:10PM

You kids are in for a treat today. Why? From this week's New York mag, We bring to you a Video Look Book, featuring art student Chrissy Bradley. And the video is essential here, because Chrissy's inflection really completes the Paris-Euro-Cali ensemble that would otherwise look like something straight off the racks at H&M to undiscerning eyes. Chrissy lives in a "gorgeous big loft", believes that "fashion is the artifact of cultuuuuuure" and... oh, we can't do her justice.

Looking at the Look Book

Jessica · 10/11/06 02:40PM

Forget allergen-free cats — how freaking cute are these little guys? This week's edition of New York mag's Look Book appeals directly to the ovaries with Jeziah Robertson and Dakotarome Paul, 6 and 7-year-old cousins, respectively. Dakota thinks he's often mistaken for a 40-year-old because of his sharp suit, and Dakotarome loves dressing up and feeling like a model. Their favorite football team is the "Deadskins" and Jeziah wants to look just like his dad when he grows up and we're going to die old and alone and unloved and barren.