Cops Finally Find Body of Sex Worker, Decide She Wasn't Victim of Serial Killer

Max Read · 12/13/11 02:48PM

Well, here's some "good" news: cops found the skeletal remains of Shannan Gilbert, the 24-year-old sex worker whose disappearance led to the discovery of ten, apparently serially-killed, bodies on Gilgo Beach in Long Island! And, even, uh, "better" (?), it looks like her death was an accident!

Innocuous Long Island Joke Threatens Senate Comity

Jim Newell · 12/01/11 04:30PM

It's time for your daily dose of news about the important debates taking place in the World's Greatest Deliberative Body, the United States Senate. What critical public policy issues are its senior statesmen debating in good faith today? Who knows! Sens. John McCain and Chuck Schumer are pretending to fight over a Long Island joke, though. That's something, ain't it?

Fire Island is Actually On Fire

Seth Abramovitch · 11/14/11 11:33PM

At least 19 fire companies from Long Island have responded to a blaze at the Pavilion and LaFountaine buildings on Fire Island Pines, the social hub of the legendary gay beach community. The fire began around 9:15 p.m. The complex was sold in 2010 to FIP Ventures, and encompasses the Pavilion nightclub, the Blue Whale and Bay Bar restaurants, the Hotel Ciel, a grocery store and gym. Word from the scene is that firefighters have the blaze under control, and that it hasn't spread to any residences or rental properties. No cause has yet been determined. We'll have more on this story as it develops. [Photo credit: The Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society/Facebook]

Anti-Bullying Mom Allegedly Assaults 12-Year-Old Girl

Lauri Apple · 09/14/11 09:33AM

"I don't encourage fighting, it's not the right thing to do," says concerned Long Island mom Daphne Melin, who's just been arrested for allegedly encouraging her tween daughter to fight and for beating on a 12-year-old.

Obese Babysitter Dies, Smothering Infant

Max Read · 09/03/11 01:40PM

Long Island babysitter Teresa Coffey collapsed and died while taking care of month-old infant—the son of local TV host Michael Baldwin—falling on the child and, apparently, smothering it to death.

How Bill O'Reilly Tried to Get His Wife's Boyfriend Investigated By the Cops

John Cook · 08/30/11 10:36AM

Last summer, Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly came to believe that his wife was romantically involved with another man. Not just any man, but a police detective in the Long Island community they call home. So O'Reilly did what any concerned husband would do: He pulled strings to get the police department's internal affairs unit to investigate one of their own for messing with the wrong man's lady.

Naked Knife-Wielder 'Wins' Today's Crazy Stab-a-Thon

Lauri Apple · 08/23/11 10:57PM

A man in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights brought the terror that Shake-n-Quake '11 failed to deliver by allegedly stabbing four elderly people—three women and a man—with a ten-inch knife, killing the man. He also punched out a 22-year-old neighbor. Witnesses say he was "emotionally disturbed." Bit of an understatement there.

Angry Long Island Woman Gives Local Reporter a Very Wet Welcome

Matt Cherette · 07/26/11 01:18AM

Yesterday, News 12 Long Island reporter Christine Insinga visited the home of a woman accused of locking her 13-month-old daughter in the backseat of a sweltering Mercedes. But instead of a simple "no comment" from the woman who answered the door, Insinga was instead treated to a face full of flying water. Which is funny, because that's exactly what the little girl could have used when she was locked inside a car in 100 degree heat. [via TVSpy]

Jimmy Fallon's Apple Orchard Away from Home

Richard Lawson · 06/24/11 10:42AM

Late Night can-do kid Jimmy Fallon has found success on television, and with that comes lots of money. Lots of money to buy vacation houses! Vacation houses like this $5.7 million Sagaponack home/apple orchard that he is said to be closing on.