Merry Christmas from a Prehistoric LOLCat

Sheila · 12/24/08 03:11PM

That's it from us today. We're taking tomorrow off and will be back up and running on Friday. Have a wonderful Christmas/Fourth Fifth Day of Hannukah/Thursday.

Ancient Pre-Internet LOLcat Discovered

Sheila · 12/01/08 12:05PM

In an archeological dig, what is perhaps the world's first LOLcat (or a clever Photoshop job) has been discovered... in teh print! In the photo—a 1905 postcard—a kitten is wearing a dress and sitting in a high chair. This is humorous because cats do not normally wear dresses. To make it even funnier, the photo is captioned, "What's delaying my dinner?" as if the cat could speak. If we find stereopticon cards of Shiba Inu puppies, we're declaring the Internet a total rip-off. [Buzzfeed via My Cats Wear Clothes]

The Much-Vaunted LOLcat Blog-to-Book

Sheila · 09/16/08 02:28PM

A couple months ago, we LOL'd at the book proposal for the upcoming LOLcats book, I Can Has Cheezburger? Then, in a blog-to-book roundup, we declared "do not want" on the LOLcat book, explaining, "The LOLcats experience is fleeting; the site stuffed with content, and copycat sites abound." We were right about some of these blog-to-books: the rushed-to-print Stuff White People Like, for instance, sucked and did not merit a review. But! We have the LOLcats books in our hands right now, and we'd like to overturn our previous verdict of DO NOT WANT.The new book is little and cute and we want! It may not be necessary for the Internet savvy among us (like everyone reading), but it makes a cute gift for someone like your grandma who doesn't understand the Internet but probably would understand funny captioned cat-photos. In the proposal, the authors assured they wouldn't be "just slapping some lolcats on a page and calling it a book." But that's exactly what they ended up doing! It doesn't matter, though. Because today we LOL'd, and we really needed to. And that is the power of the LOLcats. Update: On the book's page, we noticed something very weird:

'Slate' Has a Funny Video About Kittens

Pareene · 08/19/08 09:32AM

With the possible exceptions of various sarcastic asides by John Dickerson and Jack Shafer, online journal of contrarianism Slate has run like one intentionally funny piece in its 100 year history-this examination of Chuck Klosterman jacket photos by Doree-so we're not entirely sure why they keep trying. Humor is not really your bag, Slate! Today we received an ominous email from Slate's indefatigable flack: "Slate V Spoofs Lolcats: Polcats—What if Barack and Hillary Wuz Kittehs?" It might go... a little something... like this: Click to view Slate, this is the kind of idea we get at like 4:30 p.m. on a Friday and we think better of before we even finish the email pitch to Blakeley. This is apparently the kind of idea you decide to publish as an actual book so our advice is probably falling on deaf ears.

The Olds' guide to 4chan, the world's most obscene trendspotting site

Paul Boutin · 07/10/08 02:20PM

Both Time and the Wall Street Journal have run articles in the past 24 hours about 4chan, the dirty little secret site that spawns many a Web fad — LOLcats and rickrolling among them. But you don't want to start surfing 4chan yourself. It's full of sophomoric poor-taste-on-purpose posts like the above image. Moreover, posts on 4chan rarely live more than an hour. They're automatically pulled once their comment threads go idle, rather than archived. Let the kids filter it for you. Anything really good on 4chan will turn up on your screen from somewhere else.

ICANN haz unlimited domain suffixes?

Nicholas Carlson · 06/26/08 02:00PM

Soon the days of just .com and .org and .net will be replaced with .whatevs and .moar as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers approved a proposal to allow the creation of unlimited domain suffixes. [WSJ] (Original photo by Lucie Provencher)

LOLCats Is Now In Banksy-Land

Nick Douglas · 05/19/08 12:58AM

In San Francisco, the land where Internet memes are incarnate, a LOLcat photo has become a giant mural (note to self: are there small murals? investigate). Big photo below. [Laughing Squid]

Quiz: Are You An Online Jackass?

Nick Douglas · 05/14/08 07:38PM

Everyone has a little online jackass in them; some of us add people on Facebook too soon, some of us beg for votes on Digg, some make white whines on Twitter. But these behaviors can lead to more annoying habits, like constantly bugging people to blog you, getting hooked on Yelp, or writing drug metaphors. Thank god online jackassery can be summed up in a condescending online quiz. Take it below! Maybe you're a Carrie.

Three Steps To Getting A Book Deal For Your Blog

Nick Douglas · 04/30/08 04:52PM

If everyone's getting a book deal for their blog, why aren't you? Mostly because your writing hasn't gone anywhere better than a Gawker comment thread, but also because you haven't followed these three steps (note: not a joke article! Real advice inside) to getting a blog book deal. Short version: Start a blog that's short and sweet and high-concept, spread it on Tumblr and LiveJournal, send it to Gawker, and call Kate Lee.

Want to go through 9,000 photos of cats each day? Get in line

Nicholas Carlson · 04/25/08 04:00PM

Seattle-based Pet Holdings, the company that runs the photo-blog I Can Has Cheezburger, posted a job listing on Monday. Company founder Ben Huh told the Syndey Morning Herald he has since received over 250 applications. Like the thought of a hungry cat watching me while I sleep, this terrifies me. Not only will Huh's new hire have to go through 7,000 captioned and 2,000 uncaptioned photos of felines each day, this person will be forced to check the grammar and spelling of that cruel and unusual punishment of the English language known as LOLspeak. No can has dignity!

Ur Benifitz. Show Tehm To Meh.

Richard Lawson · 04/24/08 10:20AM

You all love LolCats, right? The internet meme turned cultural phenomenon turned sure-to-be-best-selling book has warmed all of our hearts and lifted our spirits. Wouldn't it be great to work for them? With that in mind, did you apply for the I Can Has Cheezburger dream job?? They're hiring! The website's founder Ben Huh has received 250 applications since he posted the job opening on Monday, 243 of which are mine (sorry Nick!).