America's Worst-Run County: Nye County, Nevada

Hamilton Nolan · 07/06/10 08:13AM

The sheriff in Nye County, Nevada decided that the county's district attorney was misusing public funds. So he had him arrested. But the DA declined to press charges against himself, and had the sheriff's deputy arrested. That's just the beginning.

Prosecutors and Judges May Bone One Another in Texas, No Problem

Hamilton Nolan · 02/23/10 09:13AM

The Texas Court of Appeals ruled that a condemned man's execution should go forward even though the judge in his case was sleeping with the prosecutor. And the judge in question has an unintentionally comical rebuke, for her detractors!

The National Pork Board Does Not Endorse Eating Cats

Hamilton Nolan · 11/12/09 12:32PM

The all-powerful National Pork Board has sicced its attorneys on make-your-own-clever-shirt site Neighborhoodies. The National Pork Board strongly disagrees with Alf's assertion that cats are "The Other White Meat."