Charlie Sheen Flees the Stage In New York

Adrian Chen · 04/09/11 09:56AM

Saturday gossip round up is here! Charlie Sheen's show takes a dive after some promising developments. Nicole Richie is sick of your pregnancy rumors. Gucci Mane is arrested for throwing a woman out of a car. Let's go.

Christina Aguilera's Sexy Open Marriage Was Maybe Too Sexy

Adrian Chen · 10/16/10 09:51AM

Christina Aguilera liked to hook up with women while married to Jordan Bratman. Jon Gosselin wants his kids off TV. And exclusive Dina Lohan interview can be yours for just thousands of dollars. Saturday Gossip Roundup is a bottled genie.

Warning Snooki: Your New Boyfriend Pulled a Shotgun on an Ex

Adrian Chen · 08/28/10 09:39AM

Snooki's new boyfriend is a menace! Chris Brown loses again. Wanna know what it's like to do a sex scene with George Clooney? Hailey Glassman wants a job. Lilo wants a role. Saturday's Gossip Roundup wants a piece of toast.

Hey, I'm In The New Lindsay Lohan Movie, Too

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/01/08 05:15PM

While on the set of Labor Pains, Cheryl Hines wanted the paparazzi to know that there are other people in the movie besides Lindsay Lohan. Hines thought it would be nice if the photographers could expand their photographic horizons and take pictures of other people on set, too. Hines explained that she understands that Lohan is bit of a financial rainmaker for people, but she felt it would be nice if they took her photo from time to time. Hines enjoys having proof to show friends and family that she's working on a fairly regular basis.

Dina Lohan's Dreadful Dreams Come True Now That 'Living Lohan' Reality Show Gets Picked Up

Molly Friedman · 03/04/08 04:50PM

We are deeply saddened to report that momager, pimp and our very own white Oprah, Ms. Dina Lohan, has signed with E! to film her long-lusted after reality show. According to the network's official press release, we shall be forced to view Dina's attempts to jumpstart the other ones' (Ali and Cody) careers in showbiz, and they'll tell you why the torturous Living Lohan is necessary:

Lindsay Lohan's Oscar Dreams Frustrated By Media's Obsession With Where She Parties Until 6 AM

mark · 05/01/07 11:27AM

We've long felt that the only thing standing between extravagantly talented actress and criminally mislabeled "party girl" Lindsay Lohan and a record-setting string of Oscar wins is the ongoing and coordinated efforts of the tabloid media to destroy her once-unimpeachable artistic credibility; for example, had the press not developed an untoward fixation with the sudden shrinkage and then re-bazooming of her her breasts, her subtle work in Herbie: Fully Loaded almost certainly would have received the awards attention it deserved. Lohan confirms our theory about the media's frustrating interference with her professional development: