Now Even the Stock Photo Ladies Are Ditching Herman Cain

Jim Newell · 12/02/11 06:15PM

The Herman Cain campaign spent all night designing its pretty new "Women for Cain" page, complete with a banner logo featuring four cheery ladies giving the thumbs-up, and how does the liberal media show its gratitude? By making fun of the banner logo all day, since those four cheery ladies were not actually "Women for Cain" so much as they were stock photo models. And now the Cain campaign has pulled the stock photo from the logo, which now simply reads "Women [lots of blank space] Cain." EVERYONE HAPPY NOW?

Designers Are Furious at the Freeloading Huffington Post

Ryan Tate · 08/15/11 05:32PM

Professional designers have finally had it with the Huffington Post always asking for free shit all the time. You're a publicly traded company now, HuffPo. You can design your own damned logo for politics coverage.

What If Logos Told the Truth?

Seth Abramovitch · 04/21/11 02:22AM

That's a theme explored by graphic designer Viktor Hertz in his series of Honest Logos. Notably absent, however, is the Gawker logo. What should that one say? [Flickr via ANIMAL]

Starbucks' New Logo: No Coffee Whatsoever

Hamilton Nolan · 01/05/11 02:15PM

Starbucks has a new logo—now with 100% mermaid-thingy! Or, as they put it, they've "evolved the siren." This vagueness just makes them appear more sinister. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's own creepy, sinister explanation of this murky symbolism is here.

MySpace's Last Grasp at Relevance: A Hip New Logo

Adrian Chen · 10/09/10 02:16PM

MySpace—remember that?—just unveiled a new logo. A clean, sans-serif bat signal to all the cool kids who left for Facebook: Come back! We're hip; we're with it. We listen to your independent rock and roll music.

Branding's Greatest Misses: The New Gap Logo

Hamilton Nolan · 10/07/10 11:06AM

People really are very upset about the new logo of famous clothing store GAP! Whereas the former white-on-blue logo was iconic, the new black-letters-next-to-a-little-blue-box design has Gap fans and branding experts alike befuddled and discombobulated.

How the NBC Peacock Grew Such Lovely Feathers

John Siegel · 07/29/10 04:45PM

How did the NBC Peacock get such bright feathers? This animated short by Nathan Love shows that the process wasn't the most pleasant experience. Conan knows how he feels.