Basketball Player Dons Drag, Throws Up, Comes Around on Gays

Rich Juzwiak · 04/22/14 12:10PM

Meet Brandon, a "pro basketball player," who was somehow roped into getting married on the RuPaul's Drag Race stage while wearing female drag (his wife was in a tux), all the while voicing his extreme discomfort with the situation and his teammates' potential responses. And then, during judging, when everyone onstage and sitting on the panel laughed at this discomfort, he left the stage to throw up.

Rich Juzwiak · 04/14/14 11:00AM

"Oooh, girl! You got she-mail!" is something you'll never hear again on RuPaul's Drag Race. Logo tells the Huffington Post that in response to accusations of transphobia, they've nixed that bit and have pulled from their platforms an episode featuring a "Female or Shemale" challenge. #socialjustice

The Bigotry That Bronies Face

Rich Juzwiak · 10/15/13 08:00AM

Last night, Logo aired a documentary on the by now well-examined phenomenon of grown male fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The most interesting parts of the one-hour doc What?! Bronies were those focused on the flack bronies receive for their interest in a cartoon targeted at young girls. One guy had his car vandalized and experienced homophobic slurs for putting custom-made My Little Pony decals in its windows. Another military brony described his inability to come out of the brony closet to his fellow servicemen (don't ask don't tell lives). We also watched a pair of fathers discuss their initial unease with their sons' Pony fandom. The parallels to mistreatment of gays were overt (hello, this was on Logo). The mere suggestion that a man take interest in something perceived as feminine is still enough to rub plenty of people the wrong way.

Here's How Male Strippers Achieve and Maintain Their Stage Boners

Rich Juzwiak · 04/10/13 08:50AM

As part of its What? documentary series, last night Logo ran an hour-long exploration of the world of male strippers called, fittingly enough, I'm a Stripper. In this clip, a few of the bros (of varying douchiness) interviewed for the movie discuss what they do to achieve and maintain the erections they're expected to sport onstage. Hint: It involves porn, cockrings, possible chemicals and money — one dude needs not bandz to make him stand at attention, but a mere $10.

Underdog Fight: G.L.O.W.: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Rich Juzwiak · 03/19/13 04:55PM

Mountain Fiji, Colonel Ninotchka, Debbie Debutante, Susie Spirit, Spike, Chainsaw and their colleages were underestimated from the start. They were the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (or G.L.O.W.) and for four years that started in 1986 they were a day-glo staple of Saturday morning programming. No one expected them to catch on ("It was almost an infomercial!" recalls one of the wrestlers on the show's rampant product placement) or last as long as they did, but then when it was clear that they had (after 104 episodes), the show's primary backer Meshulam Riklis stopped funding it supposedly because his then-wife, camp icon Pia Zadora, forced him to.

This Is the Best-Ever Impression of Little Edie Bouvier Beale

Rich Juzwiak · 02/26/13 11:00AM

Drew Barrymore, eat your heart out. On last night's RuPaul's Drag Race was the annual Snatch Game challenge, in which the competing queens must impersonate a celebrity and act it out in a game show scenario a la The Match Game (even the challenges of this show are in drag). One of the contestants, Jinkx Monsoon, busted out an impression of cult hero Little Edie Bouvier Beale (as immortalized in the Maysels brothers' 1975 documentary Grey Gardens) that was so spot on, all it was missing was the scent of cat urine. Most of Jinkx's competitors had no idea who Little Edie was and were condescending about it instead of being ashamed like they should have been.

Did an A-List: Dallas Star Fake His Own Gay-On-Gay Hate Crime?

Seth Abramovitch · 10/11/11 12:39AM

Tonight marks the premiere of The A-List: Dallas, the second installment in Logo's ongoing investigation into the shopping habits, eating disorders and testicular size discrepancies of the 10 percent of the 1 percent who make up America's homosexual elite. And already it's tinged with sssssscandale!

The A List: Gay Housewives Fight For No Reason

Brian Moylan · 08/30/11 12:11PM

Last night I was too busy eating fried chicken and talking about Big Brother to watch The A List. Luckily I ran into Dustin and Jayden, Manhattan's most obnoxious homosexuals, as they finally walked home from their hurricane party. Here's what they had to say about the gay housewives latest nonsensical dust-up.

The A List: Gay Housewives Do Full Frontal Nudity

Brian Moylan · 08/02/11 10:58AM

Last night I was having dinner with a fetish gear designer and totally forgot to watch Logo's skank tank of a reality show The A List. Luckily I was at Hell's Kitchen's newest Mexican hotspot, Acapulco Disco, and overheard Manhattan's most annoying homosexuals, Dustin and Jayden, talking about all the action. Here's what they had to say.

Here Are the Gays (and Girl) Crazy Enough to Be Gay Housewives of Dallas

Brian Moylan · 05/16/11 12:13PM

With the relative "success" of Logo's Gay Housewives program The A List they've moved their cameras down south and are starting production any day now on The A List: Dallas. You wouldn't think that the Texas town would be a hotbed of craven homosexual fame whores, but you'd be wrong.

The Gay Housewives Have Some New Cast Members

Brian Moylan · 04/21/11 01:56PM

All gay all day television channel Logo is currently filming the second season of everyone's favorite gay housewives show The A List: New York and they've just started production on The A List: Dallas. We've uncovered new cast members on both.

Iran Threatens to Boycott Olympics Over Logo

Max Read · 02/28/11 09:30PM

In the four years since its unveiling, the graffiti-inspired logo for the 2012 London Olympics has been accused of looking like many thing: The Waffen SS insignia, for instance, or Lisa Simpson giving head. And now, because why not, the Iranian Olympic committee has gotten into the game and accused the logo of spelling out "Zion." The organizers must be huge Bob Marley fans! Or, if you listen to the Iranians, it's a secret pro-Israel message. How surprising, that the Iranian government is making noise about something bizarre and tenuously related to Jews! We still think it looks more like the Lisa Simpson blowjob thing. [NYDN]

Johnny Depp Needs to Take Himself a Little More Seriously

Richard Lawson · 01/18/11 04:37PM

Just every once in a while! Rather than playing cartoonish Indians from old Western serials. Also today: Clint Eastwood continues to cast his J. Edgar Hoover movie, a terrible show gets renewed, and old people get a second chance.

The Bad Luck Tale of Donal Logue

Richard Lawson · 12/06/10 05:09PM

The dude just can't seem to make it happen. Sad thing. Also today: the return of Chris Tucker, Neil Patrick Harris gets an interesting gig, and a comedy about politics seems redundant.

The A-List: Gay Housewives Come to an End

Brian Moylan · 11/30/10 01:01PM

All good things must come to an end. Yes, we must bid adieu to the first season of Logo's Gay Housewives drama The A-List. No homosexuals were injured in the making of this show—or were they?