Tyrant Child Mayor Changes 'Main Street' to 'Justin Bieber Way'

Max Read · 08/16/11 10:36PM

Having, through "a Facebook contest," effected a coup against the rightful mayor of Forney, Texas, 11-year-old despot Caroline Gonzalez chose to immediately flaunt her power by changing the name of the town's "Main Street" to "Justin Bieber Way."

Is Arkansas Town Now the Least Democratic in the USA?

Lauri Apple · 07/17/11 06:35PM

The city council of Gould, Arkansas just passed an ordinance that forbids "new organizations" from forming without their permission. This applies to any organization, from book groups to Justin Beiber Fan Club chapters—but especially applies to groups that like to talk local politics.

'Hurricane Chris' Raps Profanely On the Floor of the Louisiana Legislature

The Cajun Boy · 06/26/09 02:25AM

Unparalleled in the history of American political corruption is the backwards collection of scoundrels, scallywags, hooligans, rascals and charlatans collectively known as the Louisiana State Legislature. So seeing a rapper blasting profane lyrics in their chamber is—Very funny!

What's Up With the Albany Coup?

Pareene · 06/12/09 01:36PM

New York's fate rests in the open palms of a guy who lives in Westchester but represents the Bronx and who works in a little shithole 130 miles up the Hudson from here. And the guy who slashed his girlfriend.