Local News Stations Cover Deluge of Horrifying Diarrhea Sludge

Max Read · 10/22/13 12:09PM

If there was one good thing to come out of our sister site Deadspin's sad, incoherent, and deeply embarrassing ranking of "foods of the states," it was this: A dozen local news anchors saying "horrifying diarrhea sludge" over and over again.

Reporter at Scene of Deadly Fire Does the Dougie for Wacky Staff Video

Caity Weaver · 04/16/13 05:35PM

You can't fault the WITI-Milwaukee Fox6 WakeUp crew for wanting to inject a little fun into their morning broadcast regimen. The morning is, traditionally, not a very fun time of day. Plus, it's their job to get all the Lavernes and Shirleys in town excited for a tedious day down at the bottlecapping plant.

How Not To Hold Layoffs: Company-Wide Email Promises 'Good' News on Friday, Bloodbath Ensues Monday

Camille Dodero · 03/06/13 11:00AM

New bosses often mean change. We here at Gawker would not know this, because all our managers die in their chairs, but we have heard from industry professionals that when there's a transition of a power at a company, the change often augurs new protocols, shifting job descriptions, the ominous possibility of layoffs, and, say, far worse, the loss of telecommuting. The immediate aftermath can be nerve-wracking—especially when the position at stake is CEO.