Goldman Sachs on the Hot Seat

Jeff Neumann · 04/27/10 09:33AM

By now you've heard the news that investment bank Goldman Sachs is in some hot water with the government. Today, executives from the firm will testify on Capitol Hill. Will there be drama? Here is a quick guide.

Inside Goldman Sachs' White Castle Hamburger-Eating Contest

Jeff Neumann · 04/26/10 04:28AM

Did you know that traders at the troubled investment bank are legendary health nuts? It's true! So could a fastfood eating contest between 10 mortgage traders at the firm have lead to the housing market collapse of 2007?

Does Lloyd Blankfein Have a Death Wish?

cityfile · 02/01/10 11:44AM

Over the weekend, the Times of London reported that Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein could walk away with a bonus of as much as $100 million, at least according to unnamed bankers the paper talked to at last week's World Economic Forum in Davos.

Lloyd Blanfein [sic] Is Sorry

cityfile · 01/27/10 01:06PM

If you're going to set up a website pretending to be the official site of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and you're going to issue an apology in the name of the CEO of Goldman Sachs for creating "massive unemployment and misery," you probably want to make sure you spell the guy's name correctly. Also: Get a native English speaker to draft the press release. The small details make all the difference! [via BusinessInsider]

Goldman Looks for Redemption (Again)

cityfile · 01/11/10 09:01AM

"As it prepares to pay out big bonuses to employees, Goldman Sachs is considering expanding a program that would require executives and top managers to give a certain percentage of their earnings to charity," the Times reports today. According to the paper, the plan could require execs at the embattled bank to give 4 percent of their annual pay to charitable organizations, which, if true, would mean the bank's chief, Lloyd Blankfein, would have some serious catching up to do. [NYT]