Hamilton Nolan · 12/12/14 10:25AM

"You've seen a little bit of a tension between capital and labor," says Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Hey, let's not go overboard.

Hubris, High Socks, and other Habits of the Most Powerful People in the World

Hamilton Nolan · 12/13/12 01:15PM

The Masters of the Universe can be identified by their socks. Their millions of dollars, their vast power over commerce, and their socks, which must protrude four inches below the cuff of their suit pants when seated. Any greater length of sock exposure would indicate that the wearer was sitting with his legs crossed. The Masters of the Universe sit with both feet on the floor. These are the alpha dogs.

Goldman Sachs Shares Tank as Shifty CEO Lawyers Up

John Cook · 08/23/11 04:28PM

Remember when Goldman Sachs was a remorseless, cruelly efficient monolith run by soulless machines intent on harvesting wealth at the expense of the global economy and without regard to consequences?

Rich Bankers are Still Crying About 'Unfair' Pay Regulations

Jeff Neumann · 07/06/11 04:15AM

Performing God's work is tough, and should be rewarded accordingly. So it's no surprise that investment banking executives are still bitching and moaning about a looming Federal Deposit Insurance Corp "clawback provision" that would give the government the right to take back up to two years of executives' pay if their banks fail and they ruin the global economy again. It's obviously The Poors' fault for being poor and and stupid and for losing their money, not the guys who are in charge of it.

Pity of Pities: Goldman Sachs is Sending Jobs Overseas

Jim Newell · 06/28/11 03:32PM

Be warned: You are going to be enraged when you hear this news, imbued with all the populist animalism you can muster and smashing crap all afternoon: Goldman Sachs is cutting some jobs in America and adding 1,000 people in Singapore. Are there even words to describe how much the average American will miss its favorite company?

Goldman Sachs Once Lost $1.3 Billion of Muammar Qaddafi's Stash

Jeff Neumann · 05/31/11 07:27AM

Say you're in charge of a bloodthirsty dictator's stolen $1.3 billion sovereign-wealth fund. You make some risky investments with that money in the early days of the global financial meltdown, and end up losing 98% (!) of it. Then imagine you're Goldman Sachs dealing with Muammar Qaddafi's money!

Goldman Sachs' Worst Week Ever

Remy Stern · 04/30/10 05:31PM

The week didn't end well for Goldman Sachs. Following news a criminal probe of the firm is now underway, shares of its stock plunged nearly 10% today, "which translates to a one-day loss in company value of $8.1 billion." [WaPo]