Bethenny and Rachel Face Off; Hudson Engaged?

cityfile · 09/09/09 06:02AM

• Are Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez engaged? The actress was spotted wearing a big diamond on her ring finger this week, which means "either A-Rod is making it official, or Ms. Hudson made some very careless jewelry choices." [NYDN]
• It's the battle of the Bravo reality TV stars on Twitter: Bethenny Frankel says Rachel Zoe is "self-important." Zoe claims Frankel is "insane" and "desperate for attention." Of course, you may find it hard to take sides here, since both of them seem to be making perfectly valid points about one another. [NYDN, Jezebel]
• Poor Gwyneth Paltrow suffered a little wardrobe malfunction while going through security at the Barcelona airport yesterday. [Sun]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 03/12/09 06:42AM

Liza Minnelli turns 63 today. Darryl Strawberry is 47. James Taylor is turning 61. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is turning 62. Playwright Edward Albee is 81. Pete Doherty is 30. Author Dave Eggers is turning 39. Publicist Ken Sunshine is 61. Director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious, XXX) is 60. Al Jarreau is turning 69. Actor Aaron Eckhart is 41. Novelist Carl Hiaasen is 56. SportsCenter anchor Steve Levy is 44. And the most famous male porn star in history, Ron Jeremy, is 56 today.

The Tuesday Party Report

cityfile · 01/27/09 01:40PM

Mary Louise Parker was the center of attention at the Roundabout Theatre on Sunday for the opening night of her new Broadway show, Hedda Gabler. Parker and her co-stars, Michael Cerveris, Peter Stormare, and Paul Sparks, and the play's director Christopher Shinnas were joined at the play and after-party by Liza Minnelli, Joan Rivers, Blythe Danner, Mamie Gummer, Amy Irving, Billy Stritch, and Tovah Feldshuh. [PMc, Wireimage, GoaG]

'Rosie Live' to Treat Viewers to Spectacular Liza Minnelli / NeYo / Kathy Griffin Collision

STV · 11/17/08 01:33PM

NBC began teasing Rosie Live in prime-time over the weekend, alerting viewers to Rosie O'Donnell's Nov. 26 variety-show experiment by touting a slate of America's most well-recognized holiday-season talent. Alanis Morissette! Kathy Griffin! Ne-Yo! Acrobats! And, in a booking coup loaded with potential for grandeur, onstage collapse and/or both, Liza Minnelli, herself the host of one of TV's all-time great variety specials and a showstopping Rosie idol from way, way back. What to expect? O'Donnell defies you to wait and see:


cityfile · 10/24/08 10:01AM

Gwyneth Paltrow arriving at JFK with her kids, Apple and Moses ... Michelle Williams getting coffee in Brooklyn with daughter Matilda ... Jessica Szohr eating on the set of Gossip Girl in Astoria ... Katie Holmes carrying Suri in Central Park ... Selena Gomez talking to fans outside CBS studios in Midtown ... Sarah Jessica Parker and son James leaving their West Village townhouse ... Mario Lopez bowling ... Liza Minnelli rehearsing for her upcoming show at a studio in Chelsea ... and Kate Bosworth leaving the Beatrice Inn.

No Escape To Italy For Anne Hathaway Ex

Ryan Tate · 06/26/08 07:41AM
  • Anne Hathaway's Italian ex-boyfriend, accused con-man Rafaello Follieri, originally had planned a big spontaneous "vacation" to Italy for his "birthday" Wednesday, but of course he's in jail now, so no "dining patio, huge cellar of expensive wines, pricey pastas and locally caught seafood" for him. [Post]

For the Record: Liza Minnelli Did Not Give David Gest Herpes

Richard Lawson · 06/10/08 10:56AM

British newspapers keep saying that David Gest, the probably-gay producer and ex-husband of vodka bottle-tossing harridan Liza Minnelli, has herpes. And it's just not true! (Or so says Gest). The peculiar, face-stretched fellow has never had the disease and certainly never said that crazy old Liza with a Z (singer, actress, gurgling legend) gave the disease to him, as was reported. Because, of course Liza didn't give him herpes. That would imply that they'd touched each other's privates. Which, of course, never happened. As they are respectable publications, the papes that printed the stories, The Times and The Independent dutifully printed corrections, one a month or so after the other. So, case closed. But the mystery of Gest's curiously enduring fame in the UK remains. The printed corrections are after the jump.

Which Recent Makeout Session Tops List Of Legendary Stomach-Turning Celebrity Hookups?

Molly Friedman · 05/09/08 02:10PM

We rarely like to take a mental walk down memory lane when it comes to the Most Nauseating Celebrity Hookups of all time, but news of the latest addition has unfortunately led us to revisit the grotesque list. We’ve already seen Liza Minelli and Phantom Of The Plastic Surgery Ward David Gest exchange saliva, Star Jones give Al an awkward lap dance and guiltily pleasured ourselves by witnessing wrinkly charmer Hugh Hefner and his thin lips attach themselves to the Girls Next Door. But after reading about one beach yoga-practicing, SUV-abandoning actor known for generally annoying everyone in Hollywood, and one scratchy-voiced “punk” rock chick known for generally hating everyone in Hollywood playing tongue twister in LA this past Tuesday, we may have a winner. The canoodlers in question, and just how far they went, after the jump:

Liza Minnelli

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:35PM

The child of an alcoholic legend, Minnelli is Hollywood royalty, a serial bride, and a total nut.

seth · 01/02/08 08:44PM

Your post-5 p.m. cavalcade of weep-inducing good news continues with these five little life-changing words: "Liza Minnelli will sing again." After collapsing during a performance in Sweden, the performer's lawyer, Allen Arrow, wouldn't elaborate on her condition, only to offer a reassuring, "Not to worry," when asked if she was to continue with her current tour. There's still tickets for her next area dates, February 23 and 24 at the "Frank Sinatra Countrywide Celebrity Golf Tournament" in Indian Wells! Catch the legend while you still* can!

When David Became Liza

seth · 12/14/07 08:20PM

· Why doesn't this surprise us: As his ex-wife recovers from a fainting spell, David Gest is standing in the wings, ready to take her place.
· One winner claims The Price is Right is giving away lemons.
· Alec Baldwin pledges to hold the Golden Globes at his place this year, with a deli spread to rival anything those fancypants Wolfgang Puck-types could come up with at the Beverly Hilton.
· "Sources: George Clooney Looking Good"
· Katie Holmes spills all of Tom Cruise's turn-ons to In Style, including the platinum Harry Winston ankle-shackles he had specially made for the couple's first anniversary.

Liza Minnelli Collapses, Does Not Die

Maggie · 12/13/07 10:47AM

Being one-upped by 7-year-old Anthony G has proved too much for Liza Minnelli to bear—the singer collapsed onstage while performing a Christmas show in Sweden. "It was a terrible situation. She fell off the side of the stage," a local promoter told SkyNews. "The production manager caught her." He did what? Talk about burying the lede! [SkyNews]