Sleep Deprived Host Struggles Through Britney Spears Livestream Mess

Rich Juzwiak · 09/17/13 10:45AM

Poor Courtney Friel. Early this morning, the KTLA anchor was thrown in a Nevada desert to babble for an hour during the Planet Hollywood/ livestream announcing Britney Spears' upcoming Vegas residency. Often, she had no idea what was going on — she wondered aloud half a dozen times if she would ever get to talk to Britney (spoiler alert: she didn't). During the technically plagued livestream, Friel regularly had no idea what to talk about, so she discussed the imminent sunrise a few times, pointed out the "gadgets" being used to film her, showed off cue cards, and at one point squealed, "Oh my gosh, look! There is a drone!" That last outburst is my favorite thing in the highlight reel we put together of Friel's bumbling antics above.

The Real World Of Jenks

Shannon Mechutan · 11/09/10 05:13PM

Who wants to help decorate Andrew Jenks' apartment? Last night's UStream, in which we watched him watching Jenks (yes, please, meta!), and Team Jenks talked to viewers, showed our beloved hero living in what one person called a "hovel".