The Dueling Town Hall and GOP South-Humping Liveblog

Ashley Feinberg · 02/17/16 07:54PM

Tonight’s going to be weird. In one corner, we have Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson engaging in an ostensibly civil “town hall” on CNN (the other three get their shot tomorrow night). In the other corner, Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough will be doing... something. Either way, we’ll be liveblogging every last second of it.

Let's Live Blog the Hell Out of This Obama Coronation Night Y'all

Hamilton Nolan · 09/06/12 07:11PM

Greetings, fellow Americans. My colleague John Cook and I are broadcasting LIVE from about 20 yards southwest of the podium at the Democratic National Convention. We're bloggers, but we're most proud of our job as a mom to our precious children, [NAME] and [NAME].

Your 2012 Academy Awards Live Blog

Drew Magary · 02/26/12 08:15PM

Okay people, let's do this. I got a bottle of Sangiovese and ten of my bestest galpals with me, and I am prepared to dispense MAXIMUM BITCHINESS. Your host tonight is Billy Crystal, whom you almost certainly haven't seen since the LAST time he hosted the Oscars. Don't be shocked if he walks out onto the stage looking like Miracle Max, only covered in bad foundation makeup and without the hat. Your Best Picture nominees are as follows:

Stick Around for Gawker's First GOP Presidential Debate Coverage

Jim Newell · 05/05/11 04:19PM

The first Republican presidential debate — live from South Carolina and broadcast on Fox News — starts tonight at 9:00 ET, and we'll be covering the ordeal live. Show up shortly before the start, and bring plenty of grain alcohol!

Live-Blogging Top Chef, Week 7

MisterHippity · 07/28/10 07:00PM

Want to add some spice to you Wednesday night? Join our live blog of Top Chef in the comments section under this post! It has all the ingredients of a good time — and no monosodium glutamate!

Live Blogging Dancing With the Stars: Season 10 Premiere

Whitney Jefferson · 03/22/10 07:00PM

Whether you're tuning in for a laugh at the skin-tight glittery outfits, Kate Gosselin's new hair, or you're pumped for another season of dancing—all are welcome! A breakdown of contestants and live-blogging fun inside.

Live Blogging Top Chef Masters, Week 9

The Cajun Boy · 08/12/09 08:00PM

Welcome back to the reality-show live blog that's both non-vegan and nothing-intolerant. Here, you can post meaty, cheesy or seedy comments to your heart's content.