John McCain Wins in New Hampshire, Says MSNBC and CNN

Joshua David Stein · 01/08/08 08:18PM

A dashing Wolf Blitzer, standing on a massive shiny CNN stage, announces John McCain wins New Hampshire primary with approx. 12% of the precincts reporting. Right now some very blonde lady is talking about the fight between Romnney and McCain going "mano-y-mano" Over on MSNBC, Keith Olberman is focusing on the losers. Some sad-eyed puppy of a man at the Romney HQs: "There is a man on the stage playing guitar but no one is singing along." On CNN there is yet another blonde woman at the Mitt Romney headquarters and now we can see the guy on stage with the guitar. She kind of (the reporter) looks like Tinsley Mortimer. OMG IS IT? Oh, no. Wolf just called her Mary Snow.