Liveblogging Bill Clinton's Inevitable DNC Fuckup

Kelly Stout · 07/26/16 07:49PM

PHILADELPHIA — As the prophets foretold, a generation born under the first Clinton presidency would grow to know many misfortunes: A recession, lots of Dick Cheney airtime during its formative years, and “Gilmore Girls.” This generation, the fates dictated, would rise up in pained chorus against that misfortune to be super whiny about the idea of a second Clinton presidency. When it finally came time for a woman in office, those prophets sang from the heavens that, the women of this Cursed Generation would claim they “do not even see gender.”

Stick Around for Gawker's First GOP Presidential Debate Coverage

Jim Newell · 05/05/11 04:19PM

The first Republican presidential debate — live from South Carolina and broadcast on Fox News — starts tonight at 9:00 ET, and we'll be covering the ordeal live. Show up shortly before the start, and bring plenty of grain alcohol!

Live at the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rally

Jim Newell · 10/30/10 01:31PM

Hello! We're in Washington D.C. at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. There are nine billion people here! But you all have the best view, watching on your computers. Let's liveblog this thing.

LIVE: Breaking Bad, Season Finale

Liam O'Brien · 06/13/10 08:00PM

Liam here again! We've come to the end of another red-eyed, white-knuckled, and blue-meth'd season of Breaking Bad, but there's no telling what's in store for the Fring drug empire, or the White family (Jesse included as honorary son).

LIVE: Breaking Bad, Episode Twelve

Mary Shyne · 06/06/10 08:00PM

Two more episodes left until the season finale! And last week's episode set the stages for a massive, Jenga-like topple in last two installments.

LIVE: Chuck, Season Three Finale

Roger Cormier · 05/24/10 06:00PM

"It's finally here: the two-hour season finale of "Chuck". How much trouble is Chuck in now that Shaw has been intersected? Will Quantum Dad help? Why was The Ring still making food drops years after leaving the island? Wait...

LIVE: Breaking Bad, Episode Ten

Mary Shyne · 05/23/10 08:00PM

Last week's episode was Skyler-heavy, which meant family drama more appropriate for Dr. Phil than America's Most Wanted.

LIVE: V, Season Finale

Tim Luckey · 05/18/10 08:00PM

Last week, Erica and Anna finally meet when Lisa is "deployed" as a trap to get the FBI on the Visitor's side of the conflict with the Fifth Column.

LIVE: Chuck, Season Three, Episode Seventeen

Roger Cormier · 05/17/10 06:00PM

The Republic of Buymoria is still rejoicing from the news that NBC renewed Chuck for another season. However there are some citizens of the fair land that are too distracted with nightmares of Superman to celebrate.

LIVE: V, Episode 11 — Fruition

Tim Luckey · 05/11/10 08:00PM

Last week on V The Resistance destroyed a Visitor transport ship that was suppose to contain V Trackers. It was really a trap set by Anna to blame The Fifth Column for destroying a ship full of humans.

LIVE: Breaking Bad, Episode Eight

Mary Shyne · 05/09/10 08:00PM

Were there enough "holy shit" packed into one episode for you last week? The episode kicked off with Creepy Cartel Jefe confessing his distaste for "the Chicken Man" (read: Gus) and then nonchalantly drowning a nine-year-old.

LIVE: V, Episode 10 — Hearts and Minds

nightintern · 05/04/10 08:34PM

Last week, Valerie finally discovers who she is married to, a Visitor, a lizard and a murderer. She didn't want to be around him anymore and for good reasons, he's a big fat liar.

LIVE: Breaking Bad Episode Seven

Liam O'Brien · 05/02/10 08:00PM

Hey everybody, this is Mary's friend Liam filling in this week. Let's get down to business, Walt-and-Jesse 2.0 (aka Neil)-style.

LIVE: Sunset Daze Premiere

Christa Palmer · 04/28/10 09:00PM

Join us as we live blog the premiere episode of Sunset Daze, "We're Retired, Not Dead," plus a second, bonus episode, the brilliantly titled "Love, Lassos and Liver Spots."