Neil Patrick Harris Wants to Be Regis Philbin Real Bad

Brian Moylan · 12/01/11 12:18PM

In case you didn't think that gay jack-of-all-trade Neil Patrick Harris didn't want to fill the seat on Coffee Klatch: LIVE! vacated by Regis Philbin, he actually pretended to be Regis this morning while guest hosting with celebrity fag hag Kelly Ripa.

It's About Time Regis Philbin Retired

Brian Moylan · 11/18/11 01:21PM

Today is the last day on the air for Regis Philbin, the man with the most hours on camera according to the Guinness Book of World Records. We've been watching the show all month and it's pretty clear that it's his time to go. Have a look at this video—compiled by Gawker intern Roger Cormier—to see just a few of the things Regis got wrong this month alone.

Watch David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld Fight Over Regis Philbin

Matt Cherette · 11/17/11 02:52AM

Jerry Seinfeld is set to temporarily take over as co-host of Live! after Regis Philbin's final show on Friday. Hey, when did Seinfeld and Philbin get so close, anyway? And why is Philbin on the cover of Newsweek with him instead of with longtime friend David Letterman? That's what a jealous Letterman wanted to know when he asked Seinfeld about his relationship with Reeg on tonight's Late Show.

Here's Regis Philbin's Hot Sexy Body

Brian Moylan · 10/27/11 01:29PM

Of all the awful things that Jersey Shore sea hag Snooki has ever done, this one has got to be the worst. This morning she was on Live with a Singing Wig and Andy Rooney and she decided she was going to "Snookerize" Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa. Somehow that ended up involving Regis stripping to the waist and scaring every grandma and kid home sick from school who was watching.

Josh Radnor's Parents Chime In During His Live! Interview

Whitney Jefferson · 03/03/11 02:35PM

Aw, this is kind of adorable: after Regis whines about never being called back after his guest spot on How I Met Your Mother, Regis then turns to Josh Radnor's parents in the audience for some rapid-fire questioning.

Donald Trump Will Fix This Country Once He Is President

Leah Beckmann · 03/02/11 11:50AM

On Regis and Kelly this morning, The Donald discussed the serious possibility of running for President in order to "fix this great country" of ours. And what better way to garner votes than by using scare tactics?

Here's Betty White Being Adorable With Regis And Kelly

Lisa Gagliardi · 02/22/11 11:50AM

Betty just turned 90 and she's still America's Sweetheart, it's easy to see why. Watch her discuss what it's like entering a new decade of life, her favorite birthday present and what she'd do with Kelly if she replaced Regis.

Regis Philbin Employs an Expert to Teach Him How to Tweet

Lisa Gagliardi · 02/01/11 11:10AM

Regis' New Years resolution was to learn how to use Twitter. He employs an expert to show him the ropes including what to type, to reread your entry before you post and to always keep your mouse on the desk.

Regis Philbin to Retire by End of Summer

Richard Lawson · 01/18/11 10:48AM

Regis Philbin, venerable 79-year-old host of Live! and other gigs, announced today that he'll be retiring either at the end of the summer or sometime in the fall. Live! cohost Kelly Ripa will eventually be joined by a new partner.