Reporter Stayed Calm As a Roach Crawled All Over Him During a Live Broadcast

Kate Bennert · 10/19/12 02:05PM

Robert Kovacik, a reporter for NBC Los Angeles, managed to stay calm during a live news segment on Thursday night in which he shared camera time with a cockroach that probably just wanted to be on TV. To his credit, Kovacik did not let the attention-whore bug ruin the shot. As any good top model would know, the best thing to do in this situation is kiss the roach, but if that's not an option, staring straight ahead works just fine too.

Pregnant TV Host Farts and Giggles on the Air

Maureen O'Connor · 02/04/11 02:55PM

BBC host Myleene Klaas farted audibly on the live National Lottery TV show on Wednesday evening. Immediately after ripping ass (unless it was a loud belly rumble?) she breaks into a wide grin and giggles. Off camera, another host chortles.

Getting a Parking Ticket on Live TV

Matt Toder · 05/26/10 11:51AM

While filming a live news segment about road trips, this reporter for KTLA gets multiple parking tickets. Obviously, the claim of proper permits and the news crew, would not deter the cop. That's the LAPD, always hard at work.

Armed Robbers Storm Poker Tournament on Live TV UPDATED

Maureen O'Connor · 03/06/10 03:08PM

Panic swept over Berlin's Grand Hyatt today when a group of burglars carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles waltzed into a European Poker Tour tournament and made off with $1.2 million, before a live television broadcast. UPDATED

The 12 Best Unscripted TV Moments of 2009

Mike Byhoff · 12/29/09 12:34PM

2009 had its fair share of things that didn't go exactly according to plan. F-bombs, dry-humping, real humping, and lots of unforeseen stupidity. Here are the 12 best things that weren't supposed to happen on TV, but luckily, they did.