Melissa McCarthy Gets Hers

Richard Lawson · 07/07/11 05:14PM

A new comedy star is emerging and her name is Melissa McCarthy. Also today: the glorious return of Little People, Big World, catching up with the Ribisis, and an exciting new gay movie.

Little People, Big World Series Finale Ends on a Low Note

Whitney Jefferson · 12/07/10 02:18PM

That's all, folks! The Roloff family bid adieu to their reality show in a terribly depressing episode. The twins want to move out, they're selling the farm, and Mom and Pop Roloff are contemplating divorce. Who needs a happy ending?

Whatever Happened to Gabrielle Union?

Richard Lawson · 06/14/10 04:14PM

Oh, you know, she's always been around, but she coulda been a contender! But she isn't, for some reason. Also today: a new HBO show about theater finds its potential cast, plus a new Wizard of Oz movie.

Little Dad, Big Pain on Little People, Big World

Elaine Moran · 04/27/10 01:14PM

On Little People, Big World, father Matt elected himself to be the "manager" of son Zach's soccer team. He proceeded to impose his opinion on everything from uniforms to sponsorship, irritating and alienating both his son and his wife.

Big Show

Richard Lawson · 03/03/08 04:26PM

Are you going to watch the season premiere of TLC's Little People, Big World tonight? You should. Seriously. The show's pragmatic, mostly unsappy depiction of a family overcoming innate challenges makes it, sincerely, one of the best shows on television. It's about dwarfism, yes, but really about the importance of family and the strange wonders of growing up and, quite simply, the daily mechanics of pursuing the American dream. In tonight's premiere, father Matt faces a drunk driving conviction. Nothing cheesy about that!