What It's Like To Be a Gay Little Person

Rich Juzwiak · 11/30/15 12:50PM

There are about 30,000 little people in America, according to Joanna Campbell, executive director of the largest little people organization in the country, Little People of America. Campbell estimates that the amount of little people are equally divided by sex. If there are 15,000 men with dwarfism in America, and like the general population according to Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, five percent of them are predominantly attracted to men, that means there are 750 gay little men in America. That’s .000233 percent of the population, or one in every 430,000 people.

A Conversation With Joey Navedo, a Gay Little Person

Rich Juzwiak · 11/30/15 12:19PM

As a gay little person, Joey Navedo, 30, lives one of the rarest of lives. Despite the incredibly low number of people who share his specific experience, though, he has plenty in common with the average-sized gay men he parties with frequently as a nightlife entertainer. This installment of Rare Lives features a very frank conversation about hooking up, fetishization, and the prejudice Navedo faces (and has roll off his back).

Little Person Delivers Smackdown After She's Called "Cute" in Public

Rich Juzwiak · 07/16/14 12:27PM

On last night's episode of Lifetime's housewives-with-a-genetic-twist reality show, Little Women L.A., the titular women frolicked around Las Vegas for dual bachelorette festivities. One of these was a scavenger hunt, which found them intermingling with the general public. There were two confrontations resulting from the rudeness of gawking average-sized people (or A.P.'s for short). In one instance, a guy openly took pictures of them, and in another, a woman referred to cast member Brianna as "cute."

Stephen Colbert Supports Repeal of Florida's Dwarf-Tossing Ban

Matt Cherette · 10/18/11 12:31AM

With the U.S. unemployment rate holding steady at 9.1%, people are desperate for any kind of work. That's why Florida state legislator Ritch Workman submitted a bill earlier this month that would repeal the state's ban on dwarf-tossing, freeing up jobs for aerodynamic little people across the Sunshine State. While many have dismissed Workman's bill as both offensive and impractical, he picked up some A-list support tonight when Stephen Colbert laid out the case for re-legalizing "shorty shotput."

Florida Lawmaker Wants to Repeal Dwarf-Tossing Ban

Lauri Apple · 10/06/11 05:20AM

Citing his "quest to seek and destroy unnecessary burdens on the freedom and liberties of people," a Republican state legislator has submitted a bill that would repeal Florida's 22-year-old ban on tossing little people for sport at bars. He's doing it for job creation!

Little Dad, Big Pain on Little People, Big World

Elaine Moran · 04/27/10 01:14PM

On Little People, Big World, father Matt elected himself to be the "manager" of son Zach's soccer team. He proceeded to impose his opinion on everything from uniforms to sponsorship, irritating and alienating both his son and his wife.

Jack Nicholson's Big Hangover

Richard Lawson · 04/22/10 09:50AM

He might be starring in an old-people version of that comedic romp. Also today: Movie roles for Leslie Mann and Kate Bosworth, a TV role for a great Big Love actress, a new Gervais/Merchant joint (a small oen), and teens.

Hump Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/21/10 10:45AM

For such a tiny man, Nelson de la Rosa had so much to give. Now dancing with the angels, Nelson and his many moves (humping! grinding!) and moods (flirty! sassy! sexy! Michael Jackson!) are compiled here in a loving tribute.

Wall Streeters in Big Trouble Over Little People

Sheila · 03/06/08 06:17PM

Mutual fund firm Fidelity Investments has to pay $3.75 million in fines because 13 of its brokers accepted many expensive presents from clients, reports the NYT. Things like free concert and Superbowl tickets and a wild 2003 bachelor party, paid for by clients, that featured a superstar dwarf that people eventually tossed! (He was consenting; must be an unapologetically mercenary son of a bitch!) It's true, little people are all the rage these days! They're the new strippers: paid to perform vaguely humiliating stunts as the the latest makes-you-feel-superior accessory for your bachelor's, office, or holiday party! To that end, Here is the City offers a history on "dwarf-tossing."