Bristol Palin Is Going to College, and Other Christmas Miracles

Adrian Chen · 12/25/10 11:15AM

Is Bristol headed for the classroom? The woman who claimed Lindsay Lohan assaulted her is now the one in trouble. A bunch of celebrities are in nice places for the holidays. Let's open this stuffed stocking of a Gossip Roundup.

Win a Date With Larval Lisa

Richard Lawson · 07/10/08 02:48PM

Because everyone loves her so very much, villainous Top Chef contestant Lisa Fernandes continues to lurk in the public eye. Now she's chumming it up with Time Out New York (and doing a PR solid for her employer, the annoying TriBeCa joint Mai House) by acting nice and teaching you, dear reader, how to cook five kick ass dishes for under $20. Which is funny, because we thought she didn't like poor people. Oh, plus you can enter a contest to win a free meal prepared by Lisa herself! Ew! Video of "Larval Lisa" (thanks, JDS) in action after the jump.

The Hilton sisters blog

Gawker · 04/07/03 11:08AM

It had to happen. The Hilton sisters have a blog. You know, the "Hilton sisters." Nicky: Paris, did you see what Lisa Marie Presley was saying about us in the papers?
Paris: No Nicky, you know me and reading the paper. Don't we have publicists to tell us the most current news?
Project Hilton