Building a Better Police Lineup

Hamilton Nolan · 09/19/11 08:30AM

One super funny thing about the classic "police lineup" is how likely it is to get an innocent person convicted of a crime. It's given us so many wacky crime dramas! Alas, a new study says that there is something better than the ol' Usual Suspects method.

Who Killed 'Law & Order'?

Adrian Chen · 05/13/10 09:14PM

After 20 seasons on the air, Law & Order may be dead. Who's responsible for killing the program? Let's do an investigation, like on the show!

VH1 Will No Longer Make the Worst Shows on Television

Adrian Chen · 04/19/10 01:46AM

Are you a member of "Gen Mix?" Are you 25-34? Do you "acquire your sense of optimism and self-confidence from Millennials, and your strong sense of self and security from Gen Xers?" VH1 has a new line-up just for you.