The Lindsay Lohan Assault Story is Getting Even Better, Because Her Victim is Apparently a Professional Psychic

Jordan Sargent · 11/29/12 09:00PM

This is the kind of shit that happens when you're Lindsay Lohan. You go to a club and get into a fight with a "well-known psychic," who you then punch in the face. Also you call her a "fucking gypsy," because white, coked-out socialites can't help but be a little racist. Yes, Tiffany Mitchell, the woman who Lohan was arrested for decking at Club Avenue last night, approached Lohan in order to tell Lohan her fortune, or whatever it is "psychics" do.

Here Are the Highlights of Lindsay Lohan's Atrocious Acting in Liz & Dick

Rich Juzwiak · 11/26/12 11:05AM

Lifetime premiered its Taylor/Burton biopic, Liz & Dick, last night. It was highly anticipated because Lindsay Lohan starred as Elizabeth Taylor and schadenfreude is the marijuana of the masses. So we all went on Twitter and giggled our way through it (not terrible enough, my ass). The film delivered precisely zero insight into the strange, twisted saga of the Hollywood royalty involved. They joke broke up and got back together a lot and she breathed heavily and threw things. Grant Bowler, who played Richard Burton, got most of the straightforwardly campy lines (he talked about the "ocean inside" Taylor), but Lohan's amusingly horrific acting made up for Christopher Monger's bland script.

Caity Weaver · 11/20/12 08:02AM

Is Lindsay Lohan's life just viral marketing for Liz & Dick? Her probation will be revoked any day now. Prison looms.

Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist Quits Over Michael Lohan, Leaves Opening for Second-Worst Job in America

Alyssa Bereznak · 10/25/12 05:55PM

After nearly two faithful years as Lindsay Lohan's No. 1 speed-dial homie, Steve Honig has decided to quit his job as publicist for the star, which also happens to be the second-worst job in America after being Lindsay Lohan's dad. Honig, obviously, has no problem with Lindsay's poor Porsche-handling skills, her romance with that guy "Klaus," or all that coke drama with Lindsay and her best friend, Dina Lohan. No, according to Honig just can't stand her dad. TMZ reports:

Michael Lohan Tries to Stage Intervention With Lindsay, Blames "This Guy Klaus" for Her Problems

Taylor Berman · 10/19/12 07:26PM

In case you guys were worried about not having any Lindsay Lohan news today, here you go: this afternoon, her attention whore of a father, Michael Lohan, and several others attempted to stage an intervention outside the Mitt Romney supporter's Beverly Hills home. In an "Exclusive" interview on TMZ, Michael said he was worried about Lindsay because she's been hanging out with all the wrong people, including "some guy named Klaus." While it's impossible to know whether this is an attention grabbing stunt on Michael's part or a legitimate attempt to help his daughter, it goes without saying that anyone named Klaus is terrible fucking news.